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Real-time radiation insight

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Like a canary in a coal mine In the early days of coal mining, canaries were used as warning systems. If the little yellow bird stopped singing, the miners knew that the level of dangerous gases had substantially increased and it was time to exit the mine. In the operating room, RaySafe i2 is the modern-day canary. By providing real-time, accurate and easy-to-interpret dose information, RaySafe i2 helps healthcare workers decide when it is time to adjust their working behavior to avoid unnecessary exposure.

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ABCs for a Radiation Safety Culture Protective clothing and devices, such as lead aprons, thyroid collars, glasses, ceiling suspended screens and table-mounted lead curtains, are the first line of defense against radiation exposure. Personal dosimeters and ^^^^^^ dosimetry are also used to AP^h monitor and help regulate With good radiology behavior, personal and patient exposure can be minimized. Whenever feasible, increase the distance and decrease the time of exposure to the radiation source. It is also advisable to take a position on the detector side, where scatter radiation is...

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our habits ar radiation Know and control your X-ray exposure including collimating the X-ray beam tightly and keeping the radiation source under the patient’s table. Ultimately, controlling dose is easiest when it is known. Although personal dosimeters are mandatory in most situations, they don’t give instant dose data. Only an active dosimeter, like RaySafe i2, provides constant, real-time radiation exposure information. With the information it provides, healthcare workers can instantly know when to take action to reduce their dose.

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RaySafe i2 builds a better Radiation Safety Culture™ RaySafe i2 dosimeter system is indispensable in creating a successful radiation safety culture. Once in place, both healthcare workers and management benefit from the radiation insight gained. Moreover, focus is returned to treating patients, versus worrying about unnecessary radiation exposure. i2 dosimeter An active dosimeter that measures and records radiation every second. Data is transferred wirelessly to the i2 real-time display. It is maintenance-free, easy to wear and can be personalized with different colors and names. The main...

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A 10.4" touch screen that displays dose data from all dosimeters in real-time. Green, yellow and red bars indicate the severity of individua user dose; accumulated dose is displayed next to the bars. By tapping the dosimeter name on the touch screen, more detailed information about the personal dose RaySafe i2 dose viewer is used for administrating dosimeters and viewing personal dose information. For advanced analysis, reporting and archiving of dose information, use RaySafe i2 dose manager. It manages multiple dosimeters and can retrieve dose information from multiple real-time displays...

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Scan the QR code to learn more about RaySafe i2 Like a canary in a coal mine, the RaySafe solutions help to keep you safe from possible health threats undetectable by the human senses. Accurate, easy-to-interpret readings help you decide whether or not to take extra precautions. Our philosophy of combining the simple and intuitive with the most advanced and innovative technology has made us a world-leading supplier of radiation measurement solutions in the medical field. RaySafe helps you avoid unnecessary radiation. Unfors has changed its name to RaySafe. www.raysafe.com ©2012.02 Unfors...

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