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i2 dosimeter The RaySafe i2 dosimeter measures and records dose and dose rate every second. Data is wirelessly transferred via radio to the i2 real time display. Accumulated dose is stored in the dosimeter by hour for 5 years and the dose rate is stored by second for the last hour of exposure. It is maintenance free and the expected dosimeter life time is 3 to 5 years dependent on use. The i2 dosimeter shall be worn outside lead apron for best online dose rate performance. It can be personalized with different colors and names. i2 real time display The RaySafe i2 real time display is a...

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raysafe i2 dose viewer raysafe i2 dose Manager The RaySafe i2 dose viewer software is used for administrating dosimeters and viewing personal dose information while connected to RaySafe i2 cradle. The software allows you to view dose data history, change dosimeter names and colors and reset dose history. The RaySafe i2 dose manager is advanced software for analyzing, reporting and archiving dose information. In addition to i2 dose viewer’s features, i2 dose manager handles multiple dosimeters and can retrieve the dose information from multiple real time displays through the hospital network...

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selected specifications dosimeter Weight Operational quantity Hp(10) X-ray dose range X-ray dose resolution 1 µSv X-ray dose uncertainty software requirements X-ray dose rate range +/- 10% 40 µSv/h – 150 mSv/h and linearity Energy RANGE X-, γ-rays Average dosimeter lifetime OperatinG System Operating memory Hard disk space 40 GB with at least 15 GB available space dose viewer PC OperatinG System OperatinG memory 3 – 5 years, depending on daily use real-time display Dose unit 1 real time display Dose rate by second and accumulated dose by hour for dosimeters in range. For 50 dosimeters the...

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