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RaySafe Solo easy tool for Service and Quality Assurance

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ACTIVE COMPENSATION RaySafe Solo The product line RaySafe Solo consists of various meters for service and quality assurance of diagnostic X-ray machines. Each RaySafe Solo model includes a Base Unit and one detector, which enables most accurate and scenario-specic measurements. Depending on the RaySafe Solo model used, parameters such as kVp, dose, dose rate, pulses, time, mA and mAs are measured. Additional options such as direct HVL measurements and waveform display are available to further improve the informative value of the measured data. The RaySafe Solo models are using the RaySafe...

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RaySafe Solo - 3

A selection of models, designed to meet the need of a specific application The RaySafe Solo R/F measures kVp, dose, dose rate, time and pulse simultaneously on Radiographic and Fluoroscopic X-ray machines. This Solo model is the solution for physicists and others, when only R/F Optionally, mAs can be added. Simultaneous measurements of radiation parameters and mAs can be obtained with the detector placed in the radiation field and the meter connected to the mAs port. RAYSAFE SOLO DOSE The most straight-forward model in the RaySafe Solo assortment measures dose, dose rate, time and pulses on...

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RAYSAFE SOLO DENT The RaySafe Solo DENT features kVp, dose, dose rate, time and pulse measurements on cone beam CT, intra-oral and panoramic X-ray machines. For any radiation beam used in dental X-ray, the slim detector is the perfect tool. Furthermore the meter will handle any type of filtration used in denta without a need for corrections. Dose and DLP measurements on CT machines can be performed with this durable solution. The RaySafe Solo CT offers precise measurements utilizing an ion chamber with 100 mm active length for calculation of CTDI. The RaySafe Solo CT is based on a hybrid...

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Unfors RaySafe offers a wide range of solutions for personal dosimetry and quality assurance and service of diagnostic X-ray. Unfors Instruments has changed its name to Unfors RaySafe www.raysafe.com ©2012.10 Unfors RaySafe 5200046-B The simplicity and user friendliness combined with maximum accuracy and state-of-the-art technology have made us a world-leading supplier of radiation measurement solutions. RaySafe helps you avoid unnecessary radiation.

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