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RaySafe X2 Effortless measurements of X-ray

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’’ Now I can perform my measurements with less effort and more insight.

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At your fingertips We’ve grown accustomed to intuitive interactions with our devices. After all, it’s not the device that’s most important, but what you can achieve with it that matters. Simplicity has always been a hallmark for Unfors RaySafe. But simplicity on the outside requires a lot of work on the inside. Our simplicity comes from a careful balance of advanced sensor technology paired with electronic wizardry and intelligent signal processing. The result – a device that provides accurate measurements with the ultimate in user friendliness. Right at your fingertips.

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Less effort. More insight. Life is busier. There are more demands on your time. So you need to remove the unnecessary steps in taking a measurement. Like positioning the sensor, choosing a setting, or interpreting the results. Fortunately, the X2 R/F sensor is orientation independent so the only thing you need to do is to place it in the X-ray beam and turn on the instrument. The rest is automatic – no menus, no selections. The large, intuitive touch screen of the RaySafe X2 provides more insight with an easy-to-read display of parameters and waveforms. More in-depth information is only a...

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RaySafe X2 - 6

Intuitive interface and first-class precision The RaySafe X2 sensors and electronics are specifically designed to minimize the need for user interaction. A groundbreaking concept in sensor design and circuitry provides unsurpassed accuracy, reproducibility and sensitivity. In fact, the RaySafe X2 provides dose rate sensitivity from 1 nGy/s (5 µR/min) for pulsed fluoroscopy and 50 nGy/s (340 µR/min) for continuous fluoroscopy ensuring increased usability across more applications. Intelligent algorithms clearly indicate when a parameter is outside its specified range. The X2 R/F sensor, with...

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RaySafe X2 - 7

The RaySafe X2 touch screen interface allows the user to view data in a comprehensive yet flexible way The home screen displays every available parameter from the attached sensor. To zoom in on any parameter, just tap it for a larger view. Use a quick swipe to display waveforms. Navigation is made simple by using common Menu, Home and Back keys. All exposures are saved in the base unit. In each session, you can swipe to quickly go back to previous exposures for reference or comparisons. A full session of measurements can be uploaded to the X2 View software at a later stage for more...

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RaySafe X2 - 8

The simplicity and user friendliness combined with maximum accuracy and state-of-the-art technology have made us a world-leading supplier of radiation measurement solutions. RaySafe helps you avoid unnecessary radiation. Unfors Instruments has changed its name to Unfors RaySafe. www.raysafe.com ©2012.09 Unfors RaySafe 5200077-A Unfors RaySafe offers a wide range of solutions for personal dosimetry and quality assurance and service of diagnostic X-ray.

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