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Engage Students with the Geriatric Nursing Manikin Designed for various nursing courses to teach clinical nursing and patient care skills, this hands-on, comprehensive learning aid is a key tool for patient care training. Use an Ambu® bag to practice manual ventilation orally and via tracheostomy. Front Back Oral & Nasal Feeding/Suctioning Standard nasal and oral tips may be used to practice feeding and suctioning Practice cleaning out the the ears and inserting/removing standard hearing aids. Mouth & Teeth Care Use a standard dry tooth brush to practice oral care. Sacral Ulcer Insert pressure ulcer into the cavity on the back to practice staging and care. Tracheostomy 4 Practice suctioning procedures, dressing changes, tracheostomy tube placement and cleaning. Nasogastric Insertion, Suctioning and Care Access the stomach with a nasogastric tube through the mouth and both nostrils. Intramuscular Injections Deltoid injections may be performed in insert pads at both deltoids in the arms. Intramuscular Injection Vastus lateralis intramuscular injections may be performed on the removable pads in both thighs. Intramuscular Injection Buttocks intramuscular injections may be performed on the removable pads in the right side of the buttocks. Ostomy Bag Care & Changing Clean the ostomy site gently with mild soap, a soft washcloth and water following proper procedures. Urethral Catheter Insertion Practice urethral catheter insertion with indwelling and straight catheters with interchangeable male and female genitalia. Enema Insertion Compatible with standard enema kits. 855.351.8937 © 2017 Realityworks, Inc. All rights reserved. Geriatric Manikin Graphic - IB | 08/2017

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