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Drentech™ Palm Evo - 1

Complete thoracic drainage system for suction, air leakage monitoring and intrapleural data SUCTION MODE •Totally independent from any hospital vacuum sources Improving drainage management provides the elements for a complete assessment of patient’s status •Total patient awareness: real time air leak data recording 99 hrs •Real-time and graphic intrathoracic monitoring •Immediately available in digital or graphic mode via touch screen mode •Recording air leakage also in total gravity mode •Equipped with video and audio allarms •Suction regulation -10 up to -60cmH2O (-1 to -6 kPa) •Portable vacuum unit with rechargeable battery up to 36 hours of use MONITORING MODE AIRL LEAKAGE •Real-time and historical monitoring for air-leak and intra-pleural pressure •Patient data always visible in numeric and graphic mode •Mini USB-key port for data downloading INTRAPLEURAL PRESSURE Drentech Palm Evo Kit portable chest drainage vacuum unit w/display ________________________________ code 10192 Packaging: 1 unit for box Chest unit protection filter ____________________________________________________ code 10538 Packaging: 36 units for box Drentech Simple3 Evo One patient tube ____________________________________________________________ code 10125 Double patient tube _________________________________________________________ code 10129 Single use, sterile - Packaging: 4 units for box REAL TIME AIR LEAK Pictures kindly offered by: A.O.U. Città della Salute e della Scienza (TO) Presidio Ospedaliero Moli

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Drentech™ Palm Evo - 2

DRENTECH™ MOBILE Portable vacuum unit fully independent of any suction sources DISPOSABLE CHEST DRAIN • Large capacity drainage unit • Underwater seal valve separated from collection chamber • All time clear visibility for air-leak directly on frontal • Suitable for adult and paediatric use MOBILE VACUUM UNIT • Negative pressure regulated through key-board from -10 up to -60 cmH2O (-1 to -6KPa) • Current suction level always visible through display • Autonomy of 48h. DRENTECH MOBILE features and benefits • A complete freedom for the patient and an easy transport in hospital facilities •...

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