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SILICONE DRAINS FEATURES SILICONE THORACIC CATHETERS • Biocompatible, haemocompatible, thrombo-resistant silicone catheter. Soft, kink-resistant. • Radiopaque X-ray line aids in accurate positioning and 2 depth marks. • Elliptical smooth side eyes and open distal tip. FEATURES AND BENEFITS • Spiral design offers alternative drainage routes to eliminate blocking from blood clots. • Four narrow helical ducts enhance drainage flow as much as ten times the standard fluted performance • Higher efficiency allowing use of a smaller size than a standard fenestrated drain. standard ROUND SPIRAL DRAIN 2,4 mm - CH/Fr 7 3,2 mm - CH/Fr 10 4 mm - CH/Fr 12 5 mm - CH/Fr 15 6 mm - CH/Fr 19 8 mm - CH/Fr 24 BULK, NON STERILE PACKAGING BULK, NON STERILE PACKAGING SILICONE WOUND DRAINS code FEATURES SILICONE WOUND DRAINS • Closed drainage system designed for gravity, with silicone tube. • Available with 100 cm silicone drain attached to a collection bag 600 ml capacity. • Silicone tube is radiopaque with atraumatic elliptical eyes. BULK, NON STERILE PACKAGING FEATURES AND BENEFITS • Single extrusion fluted profile whit 4-channel design provides superior drainage area more than regular perforated drain. • Duct channels junctionless with connecting tube allowing continuous and constant drainage without risk of occlusion. FLAT AND ROUND SILICONE DRAINS JACKSON-PRATT® TYPE FEATURES • Silicone drains like Drains Jackson-Pratt® type are realized in two different profile flat and round with a special fenestration of 20 cm length. • Made of transparent silicone X-ray line and depth reference marks • Tube is totally transparent, ideal for use with silicone Reservoirs ROUND DRAINS standard 24200B 24210B 24220B 24230B BULK, NON STERILE PACKAGING FLAT DRANS SMART DRAIN BULK, NON STERILE PACKAGING BULK, NON STERILE PACKAGING 3,2 mm - CH/Fr 10 3,0 mm - CH/Fr 12 5,0 mm - CH/Fr 15 6,3 mm - CH/Fr 19 8,0 mm - CH 24

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SILICONE RESERVOIR AND CLOSED SYSTEM FEATURES •Post-operative drainage system with low vacuum aspiration level, ideal for use with Jackson-Pratt® type and all fluted drains •Clear silicone reservoirs available in various capacities and featuring anti-reflux valve with collection bag 200 & 400 ml reservoirs are with double connector for allowing multiple drains attachment. Silicone bulb permits a constant vacuum level of aspiration (around 40 cmH2O) with gradual and complete filling of reservoir in order to fully exploit its collection capacity. DRENTECH CLOSED code 22610B code 22620B code...

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