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SMART DRAIN Round Fluted Drain SMART DRAIN COAXIAL SINGLE EXTRUSION FLUTED PROFILE SYNTHESIS OF STANDARD BORE CATHETERS AND EFFICIENT FLUTED PROFILE WHICH SURGERY Innovative solution for many surgical procedures • Laparoscopic and minimal invasive surgery • Plastic and reconstructive surgery • Orthopoedics • Neurosurgery Single extrusion four fluted channel profile provides superior drainage compared to standard perforated drains. Draining Surface Smart Drain Standard Drain New drainage solution for cardio-thoracic surgery Air evacuution from thoracic cavity through internal lumen and distal bores Liquids collection through four fluted channels WHY IS BETTER Using CONVENTIONAL hubless fluted drains, fluids transfer from fluted profile to round profile is not immediote, therefore the flow of fluids is reduced dnd risks of occlusion increosed. SMART DRAIN, thanks to Redax's extrusion technology, has a junctionless structure which allows direct transfer of fluids from fluted to round profile. One drain a complete new series of advantages: • Two chest tube no longer needed • No risks of occlusion of thoracic catheter (i.e. drain blockage) • Reduced pdtient's length of stay • Suitable for all chest drainage

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SMART DRAIN Round Fluted Drain SMART DRAIN Round Fluted Drain WITH BENDABLE TROCAR SILICONEFLUTED PROFILE code 24905 SMART DRAIN COAXIAL COAXIALALL IN ONE Clinical support; - O.Rena, C.Casadio - The Redax™ Coaxial Drain in pulmonary lobectomy: a study of efficacy -Journal of Thoracic Disease. All rights reserved. (2017) SMART DRAIN & COAXIAL video tutorial REDAX - Via Galileo Galilei, 18 46025 Poggio Rusco (MN) ITALY Tel. +39 0386 830582 Fax +39 0386 51898 E-mail: - REDAX new drainage technologies born of experience

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