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Silicone Reservoir and Closed Systems Silicone Drainage System FEATURES Post-operative drainage system with low vacuum aspiration level, ideal for use with Jackson-Pratt type silicone drains. Clear silicone reservoirs available in variuos capacities and featuring anti-reflux valve. Drentech® Pump standard and Drentech® Closed with collection bag 200 & 400 ml reservoirs are with double connector for allowing multiple drains attachment. Drentech Pump CODE CAPACITY gl REDAX from experience, new drainage technologies Drentech Closed CODE CAPACITY BAG CAPACITY 22610 100 ml 200 ml Collection bag CODE CAPACITY Redax manufactures a wide range of high quality drains designed for post-operative applications. Silicone drains are developed in different profile and fenestation to satisfy any clinical needs. All silicone devices are tested for haemocompatibility and biocompatibility. Drain tubes are designed with atraumatic profile and feature radiopaque x-ray line. Redax realizes also a complete range of silicone reservoirs for post-operative low vacuum drainage. Silicone bulb are available also with collection bag. REDAX .rom experience, new drainage technologies Via G.Galilei, 18 - 46025 Poggio Rusco (MN) Italy Tel.: +39 0386 830582 - Fax +39 0386 51898 e-mail: info@redax.it - www.redax.it

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Flat and round Silicone Drains Jackson-Pratt® type FEATURES High quality silicone drain designed mainly for gravity • Pre-cut 50 cm length • Atraumatic elliptical eyes • Radiopaque line along entire length and depth reference marks every 2 cm. Available in a wide range of size also with 2 liter collection bag. FEATURES Silicone drains like Drains Jackson-Pratt type are realized in two different profile: flat and round with a special fenestration of 20 cm length. Tube is totally transparent, ideal for post-operative drainage allowing continuous aspiration. Made of soft material ensuring...

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