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Hyper Foam 2 - 1

Hyper Foam 2 Superior choice for high risk patients Key features: Aplicable for pain therapy Up to STAGE 4 (EPUAP) Three-layered foam core Exeptional ventilation system Waterproof but breathable incontinence cover Weight capacity 20-150kg 5 years guarantee REHA-BED Sp. z o.o. ul. Spacerowa 1, 41-253 Czeladź www.rehabed.pl POLAND

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Hyper Foam 2 - 2

PU cover: • Removable • Washable up to 95°C • Disinfection by wiping • Disinfectant-proof Decubitus therapy mattress Supersoft zone for head and heel relief Waterproof but breathable incontinence cover 3Three-layered hyperelastic foam core (with longitudinal and diagonal intersections) Exceptional ventilation system for an ideal microclimate Availiable sizes Width Lenght *ordering mattress on individual dimension is possible but it delivery time is longer in this option. Breathable open - cell HR foam 20 150 kg Cover material virus and bacteria-proof accord. ASTM 1670+1671 Waterproof but...

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