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Reha-Bed Ltd is a polish owned company manufacturing high quality medical equipment. All our products are created to provide care, rehabilitation and temporary treatment. We specialize in nursing care beds electrically and manually operated. We have high experience in equipping all kinds of health care institutions. We offer medical furniture and equipment which provide a complete care program. Reha-Bed Ltd administrates surface of 2500 square metres producing halls, powder coating line, assembling room and warehouse. Providing of highest standard medical care equipment is our target. We...

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Safe and high quality design Philosophy of our company is to provide highest quality products-care beds and medical furniture. In accordance with quality policy we extend security standard and study modern design and look of our products. Reha-Bed Ltd puts emphasis on high standard of com- ponents and materials brought in production,uses wide experience and knowledge of world class suppliers of actuators, castors systems and assembling units. Expansive development of Reha-Bed Ltd's technology creates highest standard of metal and wood bed elements and also wide range of medical furniture....

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Advantages of our products which make us unique Side rails height extension – additional equipment 10-functions handset with locking key Head ends made from laminated board and solid beech wood 20 cm Bed extension kit - additional equipment Electrically operated four section mattress platform provides high comfort for patients Best quality actuators from the world’s leader supplier like DEWERT Various height adjustments provide the best care to the patient. Quality castors, the best in their product category Tente or Colson Robust aluminium side rail lifting system Optional 24V power supply...

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Step by step covering the World You can meet us at the famous international exhibitions. ARAB HEALTH

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Following the market requirements and modern design on the health care market we invented the new Leo bed. It meets the highest world’s standards and provides full support for disable patients and people who need long term care. We use a unique pantograph construction to give a flexibility and modern look to the bed. All the electrical items like actuators and control box are hidden under the mattress platform and are not visible for the user. The new bed’s construction is independent from the wooden frame, which could be replaced for the new one, without interfering in bed’s functions....

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Leo bed offers many additional equipment for better care giving. New wooden split side rails are divided 40/60 along the bed. They protect the patient and make lifting and getting up from the bed much easier. They are made of solid wood and silver metal frame which gives feeling of strength and modern design. Two options of height regulation give opportunity to use the bed at home environment – Leo 290 and also at the health care institutions – Leo 260 for home care use only. Leo bed offers wide range of additional equipment for example: - castors with central brake - detachable foot /head...

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BED ENDS Wide range of bed ends and colours gives opportunity to create your individual style in interior design. COLOUR VARIANTS D 381 Beech

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SIDE RAILS HEIGHT EXTENSION HANDSET WITH LOCKING SYSTEM Fully Profiling Nursing Care Bed ELECTRICALLY OPERATED BED Mattress platform made of metal or wooden slats TR/M – metal mattress platform TR/W – wooden mattress platform Product code: Taurus bed is intended to use within a Nursing Home or domestic environment. It is designed to provide users with optimum independence and freedom of movement. Operating via touch button control handset allows the occupant to select required positioning.

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ROBUST SIDE RAIL LIFTING SYSTEM READING LAMP TR/RL TAURUS 3P Basic functions COMPETITIVE PRICE 2-section mattress platform made of metal mesh. Product code: TR/3P/MSH – 2 section mesh mattress platform Taurus 3P bed is intended to use within a Nursing Home and domestic environment. It is designed to provide users with the basic functions allowing to achieve a suitable position. We offer for patients comfort at the competitive price. EASY TRANSPORT STAND SOLUTION

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SIDE RAILS HEIGHT EXTENSION TRANSFUSION POLE LIFTING POLE ELECTRICALLY OPERATED BED Low mattress platform, variable height from 20 cm to 60 cm. TR/M/LOW – metal mattress platform TR/W/LOW – wooden mattress platform Product code: Nursing bed Taurus Low is an improved version of Taurus bed and fulfils all functions of its prior. Taurus Low bed has been developed to offer the user the opportunity to set the mattress platform at very low height. Actuators at each end allow the mattress platform to be positioned at any height between 200 mm and 600 mm.

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HIGH QUALITY CASTORS WITH INDIVIDUAL BRAKE LIFTING POLE ROBUST SIDE RAIL LIFTING SYSTEM A BASIC MODEL OF NURSING BED Adjustable mattress platform AR/03 - 4-section mattress platform AR/02 - 2-section mattress platform Product code: ARIES manually operated bed according to particular model- is designed as 2-section( ARIES 02) or 4-section(ARIES 03) mattress platform to provide a maximum care for patient The very affordable Aries Nursing Care Bed is intended to use within private households as well as in social care institutions, Sanatorium and hospitals. ARIES optima

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TAURUS mini Dimensions in accordance with individual requirements Taurus Mini is based on the standard version of Taurus bed preserving all it’s features. To meet our customer needs we designed a special line of beds with different dimensions depending on individual requirements. A smaller version of Taurus bed can be easily fitted in any space in domestic or hospital environment and at the same time keeps electrical beds’ functions.

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SIDE RAILS HEIGHT EXTENSION TR/SR/EX HANDSET WITH LOCKING SYSTEM 20 cm BED EXTENSION OPTION TR/EX/KIT TAURUS lux High quality appearance ELECTRICALLY OPERATED BED Functional design and excellent quality TR/M/LUX - metal slats TR/W/LUX - wooden slats TR/MSH/LUX - mesh version Product code: Taurus Lux offers both functional design and excellent quality. The panelling has been developed to offer the user atractive outlook. Taurus Lux comes with all what is needed for care giving.

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