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Remove temporary cement with temp:ex Let temp:ex do the job for you. temp:ex lets you gently and conveniently remove temporary cement residues, eliminating labor-intensive removal by hand. Simply place the restoration in the cleaning solution. While it’s working, you have more time for other tasks. Afterwards, just remove the clean restoration from the solution.* temp:ex safeguards your restoration and frees up your resources. making work easy

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temp:ex – Advantages for your practice Remove temporary cement with temp:ex 1 Allow the restoration to soak in temp:ex for 10 minutes ... • orkflow optimization through a reduction in W manual working steps • entle cement removal without the risk of damaging G the restoration • p to 50% quicker when used in combination with U the SYMPRO denture cleaning unit Find out how our winning products and expert tips can streamline the way your practice works: 2 ... attend to your many other tasks ... Say “Yes!” to reliable effectiveness and more time for other tasks 3 ... remove...

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