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The chance for your prophylaxis service! Fresh breath Hygiene Heaith t havt the ptrfnl mtthod for deanlng you' proitlMtk dentun right tint In out proctkt. Aftercare - The basis for successful implant-borne restorations Prof. Dr. Alexander Gutowski Ideas for dental technology

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Observations of the Dental Market: A new age - elder patients A report by: Dr. Hans-Joachim Kleber Weil im Schönbuch, Germany Do you like to use the quiet times to relax and contemplate too? I value this opportunity as it allows me to take stock and prepare for my forthcoming options. During my many years as a dentist I have experienced so much change and am aware of the diverse range of developments which lie ahead: The prominence of implantology, adhesive techniques and CAD/CAM based laboratory techniques as well as the various options which are available to us on a daily basis! Some...

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Practice-integrated, efficient aftercare concepts as the basis for success in implant prosthetics Introduction The success of endosseous implants has been proven by comprehensive data in numerous clinical studies. Initially interest was focussed on the success rate of osseointegrated implants in different areas of indication and bone quality as well as the effect of various implant designs (Esposito et al. 1998). It was only later that implant failures, which occurred during the functional phase of the restoration, also became a focus of interest. Apart from technical complications,...

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Before cleaning Zitzmann et al. 2006). Mechanical removal of the bacterial biofilm is mainly used in the routine aftercare of implant patients. Air-powder-water sprays with a minimally abrasive blasting agent and also silicone cups with polishing paste or specially developed sonic scalers with silicone tips are suitable for subgingival cleaning of the polished surfaces of implant shoulders and superstructures (Mombelli & Lang 2000). With peri-implant bone loss any cleaning of the predominantly rough implant surface that is necessary can also be performed using conventional sonic scalers, as...

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Clean dental restorations quickly and effectively Wearers of partial or full prosthetic restorations have always had high demands in terms of prophylaxis, aesthetics and oral comfort or wellbeing. And more and more patients would like their »false teeth« to be treated in the same way as their »natural teeth«. Professional cleaning of restorations is therefore an important component in individual prophylaxis A report by: Prof. Dr. Alexander Gutowski Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany Prof. Gutowski, what in your experience are the consequences of inadequate denture care? The formation of bacteria,...

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Service in only one visit: SYMPRO, the clever idea for dental clinic, laboratory and patient! In future, let SYMPRO carry out the professional cleaning of removable dental restorations and orthodontic appliances. This fully automatic and highly efficient cleaning process doesn’t take up any of your valuable resources for this unprofitable and unpleasant task. Conventional cleaning methods are time consuming and costly. These and other disadvantages were taken aboard by our development department and eliminated with this innovative system. The SYMPRO takes on the important task of denture...

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Use in only three steps: Filling-up Add needles, SYMPROfluid Universal cleaning liquid and object, e.g. one patient‘s upper and lower dentures. Start Set the desidered cleaning time and start the unit. Remove Rinse the object thoroughly with water before bringing it into contact with the patient and disinfect as prescribed by the hygiene regulations. SYMPROfluid Nicoclean is used wherever posttreatment is necessary to remove stubborn nicotine stains.

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Advantages for the patient ff Improved oral hygiene and well-being ff patient feels looked after and regularly cared for The ff Better quality of life without fear of bad breath Advantages for the clinic ff Low capacity commitment ff High hygiene standards ff Potential high return ff Customer loyalty Support for your success in the practice Together with the SYMPRO, you will receive the patient‘s information brochure »Well-being through Oral Hygiene«, as well as a waiting room poster, for ongoing success with your new SYMPRO-system. your Improve f life! Your quality ocare card Your smile is...

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