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Ideas for dental technology: EQUIPMENT INSTRUMENTS MATERIALS CATALOGUE 2011/2012 Ideas for dental technology

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You enjoy the certainty that your laboratory equipment will function reliably, and save you trouble, time and money. Loaner service To keep down-times to a minimum, Renfert custo- mers are entitled to a loan unit from their dealer even after the guarantee period has elapsed. Information around the clock Confidence in your investment 10-year spare parts service Our products are designed with longevity in mind. To this end, Renfert will stock a complete assort- ment of spare parts for ten years after the last unit Operational reliability Within just 48-hours, Renfert's in-house service...

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♦ f-^SW Your contacts /

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Latest catalogue entries Clean dentures at the touch Fine sandblasting units

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Latest catalogue entries Twister MT3 (pro) The basis of modern quality Small in shape and price big in performance Page 32 Basic line Pro-Fix Top of the class Page 42 Ultimately precise Page 82 Page 111 3

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Equipment / Denture cleaning technology SYMPRO, the clever idea for dental clinic, Denture cleaning at the touch of a button SYMPRO will remove difficult deposits such as plaque and tartar, and stains such as cof- 15 mins. In future, let SYMPRO cleaning of removable dental appliances. This fully automatic and highly efficient cleaning process doesn't take up any of your valuable resources for this Conventional cleaning methods are time consuming and costly. These and other disadvan- tages were taken aboard by our eliminated with this innovative Plaque AND tartar are removed in only approx....

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Equipment / Denture cleaning technology • Improved oral hygiene and well-being (Prophylaxisfor denture wearers) • The patient feels attended • Better quality of life without service which can be offered whilst the patient is present • High hygiene standards • Re-call possibility and long- term customer loyalty Read here what your • Time saved on a value gen- erating task (whilst SYMPRO itself generates value) value adding process Together with the SYMPRO, you will receive the patient's in- formation brochure »Well-be- ing through Oral Hygiene«, as well as a waiting room poster, for ongoing...

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Equipment / Denture cleaning technology Denture cleaning at the press of a button Compact, high-performance cleaning device for prosthetic device, pins and liquids. • This additional service is a further value generating component which in turn • Very fast cleaning times shorten the treatment times laboratory working times. • This fully automatic process does not require valuable personnel capacities. procedures for repairs, exten- • Maximum oral hygiene increases the patient's feeling customer loyalty. • Prophylactic cleaning at regu- lar intervals helps in recognis- ing possible damage...

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Equipment / Denture cleaning technology situated almost unre- stricted in the liquid flow, ject is situated against the liquid flow and is there- fore rinsed and cleaned impact energy). Our detailed examinations have shown that optimal cleaning results are achieved at an angle of 35° to the base. At this angle the pins are at their most ef- ficient in the fluid dynamic. situated against the liquid flow cleaned optimally (maximum Sequential reverse rotation the dentures into different positions thus increasing the cleaning efficiency. 3 rotation speeds guarantee a mate- rial compatible,...

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Equipment / Sandblasting technology The automatic recyclable blaster agent + 50% saving in time rapid amortisation with cost-effective sandblasting. Automatic blasting the Vario jetbas optimised the exact synchronisation of blast- ing parameters (pressure, time and grain size). Nozzle distance and angle are also harmonised rotation so that a 100% hit rate is achieved in the shortest time Manual blasting With one easy hand motion the basket can be removed from its holder. This allows great freedom of movement within the large and well-lit chamber. Impulses are sent to the unit via foot...

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Equipment / Sandblasting technology The dust extraction system The suction channel technology Is a particular advantage. They are constructed so that only the unusable fine dust particles are being extracted. This saves blasting nozzle and the basket positions. The nozzle Is made from boron carbide and Is extremely resistant. The nozzle can be exchanged easily with- Save valuable time. The large blasting basket allows up to 7 framework castings to be blast- full automatic sandblasting of a casting requires only 10 min- utes. A rubber sleeve prevents clasps getting caught during rotation....

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Equipment / Sandblasting technology Multifunctional and compact design Vario basic This allround blasting unit blaster and fine sandblast- function is ideal for medium- sized and small labs. This economical unit can carry tasks required within dental Technical Details • micro sandblasting tanks equipment provided with the Vario basic. The unit can, however, be fitted with up to 4 micro sandblasting tanks. • individually adjustable recy- clable blasting nozzle (highly resistant boron carbide nozzle also available as replacement). highly resistant, coated glass hand port cuffs. powder coated...

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Equipment / Sandblasting technology • 50% less blasting material Is used due to the clever extrac- tion system. • a separator removes only the unusable fine dust. Suitable extractor units The fine sandblasting tanks • four mlcroblaster tanks for the required grit size can be easily added to the basic • monitoring the tank fill level • the large tanks have a capac- • a removable large particle separator prevents the blast- ing material from becoming • the large funnel-shaped silo ensures permanent sand • the suction point Is fixed In the centre of the sand silo. For use as a wall unit or...

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Equipment / Sandblasting technology Fine sandblasting technology - State of the Art Precise Technology The patented mixing chamber special IT nozzles provide the following advantages: 1) Perfectly even: sandblasting flow, sandblasting pressure Reproducible results and reliable and even surface conditioning for perfect bonding character- istics without stress or cracks In ...precise application... PerfectView Concept Many different Ideas and tech- niques have been Integrated to provide the Basic unit operator the best possible view of the piece of work. These Include: - the perfect balance...

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