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renfert catalog Equipment, instruments, materials and more

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Renfert Catalog 2014/2015 - 2

Quality and Service. Made in Germany. No downtimes – activity assurance Enjoy the security of the 3-year warranty on Renfert provides exceptional services in ev- Renfert laboratory equipment. ery country in close collaboration with your Renfert dealer to keep any breakdowns to a Trust your system – minimum. Information about your advan- 10-year replacement part service tages can be found at in Our products are designed for durability. For this reason Renfert keeps all replacement parts available for 10 years.

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Renfert Catalog 2014/2015 - 3

Foreword & Contents “Dear customers, associates and colleagues, For almost 90 years Renfert has supported Hilzingen premises in Germany. This is also and shaped the development of modern a further cornerstone for our quality: Ren- working in the daily routine of dental labo- fert stands for ‘Made in Germany’. ratories worldwide. We stand for intelligent solutions and reliable service to make your The entire Renfert team with over 170 em- work better, more efficient and precise. ployees is proud to present a new example of our quality philosophy in this catalog: Renfert provides you with...

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Renfert Catalog 2014/2015 - 4

Latest catalogue entries Brand new Chistian Pilz, Head of Product Management: “We continually develop new and innova- tions for yourself. We particularly recom- tive products for you. Our customers' wishes mend the following new products.” are our driving force. Discover our innova- Our new four-workstation extraction unit Redesigned pin drilling unit New single-tube Bunsen burner ff Maximum health protection ff High degree of user-friendliness ff Practical emptying of the dust drawer ff High suction power ff Easy drill change ff Separate cleaning of the collector tray More information on...

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Renfert Catalog 2014/2015 - 5

Renfert Service Optimum service, integrated into every one of our products If you have any questions: please ask We provide you with much more than we can find the required information, spare Are there other ways customers can ob- just high-quality products. parts and solutions much more quickly. Maximum customer satisfaction is the fo- Of course. Customers can also very easi- cus of our after sales services. This includes Which questions do we answer most ly download spare part lists and drawings valuable tips and tricks extending to solu- at any time with the aid of the numbers at tions...

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Renfert Catalog 2014/2015 - 6

Renfert Service Spare parts, as standard with integrated service This is the only thing there is no replacement for: Our service If the rare case occurs that a Renfert unit ac- Regular dealer training courses also enable tually breaks down, our activity guarantee our customers to contact their dealers di- comes into effect. This is called an activity rectly. And we are continually developing guarantee, as we become active immedi- this dealer cooperation. ately and do everything to provide you with the quickest possible service. International- As you can see, you not only get spare parts ly,...

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Renfert Catalog 2014/2015 - 7

Renfert Service We produce quality. And we live it. What can we do for you? The satisfaction of our customers is not sim- In short, if you have a question, we will give ply important, our creative activities are you the answer. And we also provide this based on it. It confirms us in what we do in over 6 languages, because our custom- and drives us always to become even that ers can be found all around the world. You can contact us from 8:30 to 17:00 hours (in the US from 8:00 to 4:30 cst.). Your re- This begins with support during order pro- quirements are generally fulfilled immedi-...

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Renfert Catalog 2014/2015 - 9

Content Equipment Extraction Technology Four workbench suction unit Two workbench suction unit Single workbench suction unit Trimmer discs Dental Arch Trimmers Accessories Extraction Technology Sandblasting technology Accessories electric wax knives Recycable sandblaster Combined blasting unit Bunsen burners Fine sandblasting units Preheating technology page 54 page 55–57 page 58 Accessories Sandblasting technology Preheating furnace Deflasking chisels Denture cleaning device Mixing Technology Ultrasonic cleaner Vacuum mixing units Accessories Mixing Technology Accessories Microscope...

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Renfert Catalog 2014/2015 - 10

Equipment / Extraction technology Power ensures quietness. Renfert Silent extraction units. The right solution: The correct noise and health protection for your workplace A routine day in the laboratory: A hand- The fitting solution for any size: Whether piece is running, it is briefly cleaned using one-workstation, two-workstation or four- compressed air, the motor of the extraction workstation extraction. You will always find is also making a noise. In short: pure noise- the ideal extraction unit for your laboratory related stress. There is also diverse types of fine dust. Fortunately,...

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Renfert Catalog 2014/2015 - 11

Equipment / Extraction technology Silent extraction units Our entire clean air expertise at your workplace The impressive advantages of a product range well designed in every detail: Silent extractor units. Performance ff Clean air instead of health-relevant dust: thanks to strong, controllable suction power of up to a volume flow of 4,000 l/min. (140 cfm). ff Effective dust protection in your sur- roundings using a two-stage filter system. Noise protection ff Reduction of the operating noise ensures significantly quieter extraction units. Operation ff More convenient, direct access to all...

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Renfert Catalog 2014/2015 - 12

Equipment / Extraction technology Function & Performance The compact four-workstation extractor Silent V4 provides individual suction power setting, adapted to the actual requirements. All functions can be set via an intuitive, convenient control panel with LCD display. Advantages ff Extraction for four users saves costs in terms of space and maintenance. ff Suction power at the four workstations only as required using four separate controllable pinch valves. ff The suction power is automatically read- justed to adapt it to the user. Quiet extraction to the power of four Power supply Power...

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