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Renfert Catalog 2017 - 2

“How do you make work easier for dental technicians?” You will find the answers to this question on the following 192 pages – in the form of reliable Renfert products

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Renfert Catalog 2017 - 3

Acrylic bristle brush 110-11 Active carbon, for purging furnaces 184 Alginate mixing bowl, Twister 66 Alginate solvent, GO 2011 speed 189 Aluminium oxide, abrasives 58 Aqua, die varnish, die:master 154-155 Arch trimmer, Millo 73 Arch trimmer, Millo pro 73 Automatic recyclable sandblaster, 42-43 Basic classic, micro-sandblaster 46-49, 54 Basic line, porcelain brushes 110 Basic master, micro-sandblaster 46-49, 53 Basic mobil, micro-sandblaster 46-49, 56 Basic quattro IS, micro-sandblaster Casting sprues, pear shaped wax GEO Casting wax,...

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Renfert Catalog 2017 - 4

Diagnostic wax, GEO Classic Natural / Snow-white Fine abrasives Diamond polishers, Dia-Finish L Fine sandblasting units Diamond polishing paste, Brinell L Finish, polishing pastes Diamond polishing paste, Renfert Polish all-in-one Firing pads, Fibertray Firing tray, Mesh-Tray Diamond polishing paste, Renfert Polish LiSL Firing tray, Mesh-Tray K Firing tray, Mesh-Tray MK Diamond polishing paste, Renfert Polish ZrO. Fixation tweezers/pliers Diamond-coated separating discs Four workbench suction unit, SILENT V4 Diamond-coated trimmer discs Furnace, Magma Genius, porcelain brushes die:master...

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Renfert Catalog 2017 - 5

High-luster finish, diamond polishing paste, Brinell L High-luster finish, diamond polishing paste, Renfert Polish all-in-one High-luster finish, diamond polishing paste, Renfert Polish LiS^ High-luster finish, diamond polishing Glass fibre-reinforced separating 124-128, GO 2011 speed, plaster remover/ 189 alginate solvent Goat hair brush 135 Gold filter, Dustex master plus 39 sealing of plaster models Hepa fine filter, extractors 41 High performance compressed air 57 paste, Renfert Polish ZrO2 High-luster polishers 133-138 High-luster polishing paste, Opal L 188...

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Renfert Catalog 2017 - 6

Oasis mixing tray, lay:art 101 Occlusion spray, Occlutec 157 Occlutec, occlusion spray 157 Opal L, high-luster polishing paste 188 Model sealing, hardening bath Model separating discs, Plastercut Model spray, investment models Model trimmers Modeling brushes Modeling instruments Modeling instruments, porcelain Modeling instruments, resins Modeling instruments, wax Modeling resin, Stabiloplast Modeling tips Modeling wax, GEO Classic Modeling wax, GEO Classic Avantgarde Modeling wax, GEO Crowax Modeling wax, GEO Expert Modeling waxes, overview Molar clasp, GEO MT plus, dry/ wet...

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Renfert Catalog 2017 - 7

Silver wire brush Silver wire brush Rainbow, mixing tray 102 Recyclable blaster, Vario jet 42-43 Remberti, magnifying glasses 95 Single pin, Pro-Fix Single workbench suction unit, SILENT compact Single workbench suction unit, SILENT TS Slim, brush Smart-Pin Renfert Polish all-in-one, diamond polishing paste Renfert Polish LiS^, diamond polishing paste Renfert Polish Z^, diamond polishing paste Smart-Pin drill Resins, modeling instruments 115 Rolloblast, glass beads 58 Rubber caps, pins 148 Safety burner eco Safety burner, Bunsen burner Sandblasters Sandblasting...

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Renfert Catalog 2017 - 8

Twister, vacuum mixing unit Two workbench suction unit, SILENT TS2 Waxlectric, accessories Waxlectric, modeling blades Waxprofi, denture wax pot Wax-up technology Wax-up wax, GEO Classic Natural/ Snow-white U Ultracut, sinter diamond-coated separating disc Ultra-Fine, separating disc Ultrasonic cleaner, Easyclean Undercut wax, GEO Classic Universal hose connection adapter, SILENT TS Universal instrument Universal polishing paste Universal wax, GEO Crowax V Vacuum mixing units, Twister Vario basic, recyclable/ microsandblaster Vario E, wax heating unit Vario jet, recyclable blaster Veneering...

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Renfert Catalog 2017 - 10

How Renfert finds long-term solutions for routine work. The tradition of strong intercommunication between customer and company, the desire to address ever-changing technologies and the continual desire for self-improvement are reasons for Renfert’s success. Tilo Burgbacher Design and Development

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Renfert Catalog 2017 - 11

In focus: Solutions for enthrallingly good work The claim “making work easy” for dental technicians by providing easy-to-use, high-quality, durable products – is central to the way of doing things at Renfert. The key to development and manufacturing of requirement-oriented products, however, is to know, understand and continually re-develop the daily routine of dentistry. We are supported in this aim by the lively exchange with our many users, who are centrally involved in the daily practice routine, who know how a lab operates most effectively and what dental technicians require. The...

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Renfert Catalog 2017 - 12

How do you know what makes work easier? Easy working, clear direction. Renfert products have a wide range of advantages, which users will appreciate each day for years to come. You can identify them quickly and easily with these five icons: making work easy tool included perfect view

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Renfert Catalog 2017 - 13

This product operates very quietly. Even an active workstation with many units does not have to be loud. Renfert products keep things quiet - disturbance through high noise levels are a thing of the past. compact These products are particularly compact. You simply work more effectively with a feeling of freedom. Renfert products are designed to save space - and thus provide more room to ensure that your lab environment is not overcrowded with excessively large units. perfect view These products provide an optimum view. Seeing your work precisely is the key to perfect results. Renfert...

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Renfert Catalog 2017 - 14

"We understand that purchasing a product is an investment in the future, meaning that labs want to profit from stable, continuous performance in the long term. This guarantee is intended to provide our customers with the necessary assurance." Maximilian Scheid Equipment Development

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Renfert Catalog 2017 - 15

3 year guarantee* All Renfert Laboratory devices have a three year guarantee.* If at some point something does not function, you still have the comforting assurance that Renfert will find a solution to the problem under the guarantee. This builds trust. *Wear parts excluded 10 year spare parts guarantee All Renfert products are very durable. Therefore we are well prepared with the availability of spare parts. Renfert guarantees that original spare parts will be available for every device, for the duration of at least ten years after purchase. This gives security. WORKFLOW GUARANTEE 3 year...

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