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Improve your Well-being through oral hygiene You regularly take your car for a service … and feel safe? You visit the hairdressers regularly … and take care of your looks? You treat yourself to a massage or wellness treatment … and thus improve your well-bei

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Your teeth are your most attractive piece of jewellery. Pay a little attention also to your denture! You will feel better and more confident if: your dentures do not cause malodour you can laugh without feeling insecure you prevent illness Have your removable denture cleaned regularly and professionally at your dental clinic. A small step for more well-being.

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And what do you do for your removable denture? … this also improves your well-being, probably more than you think. Why is it so important to have your denture carefully and, above all, professionally cleaned? The problem: Dentures change with age Under the microscope you can see how the surface becomes increasingly rough. The cleaning done at home every day is correct and important. But it cannot prevent deposits forming and spreading: bacterial plaque stubborn tartar stains caused by foodstuffs for example by tea, coffee, red wine and medicines strong nicotine build up

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These deposits change over time. They harden within a day and trap the contamination. The denture looses its lustre and becomes marked and unattractive. These deposits make the denture prone to bacteria and germs. This decay and depositing has unpleasant results: sourly tasting and often bad breath build up of pressure spots … and carries high risks: chronic and painful gingivitis allergic reactions and gingiva illnesses damage to healthy residual dentition loss of function of the denture

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The solution: Regular and professional denture cleaning effectively removes stubborn and dangerous deposits and reduces risks. Your dentist has specialised and highly effective cleaning methods at his disposal. In just 20 minutes, your denture undergoes an intense cleaning process. The result: a smooth surface free from deposits free from bacteria and germs free from odours retains its function longer value Just how regular cleaning is done plays an important role. Cleaning should be carried out at least 3 to 4 times a year. This simplifies daily cleaning at home. Also, the dentist can...

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Thoroughly clean dentures and oral cavity after every meal. Clean at least once a day with a toothbrush and special denture gel. Use a disinfectant cleaning bath every two to three days. (Observe the manufacturers indications) Always place a towel in the basin before cleaning to prevent damage should the denture fall out of your hands. Never: Remove deposits with a sharp instrument yourself. Use household cleaners or scouring creams. Use hot water or boil the denture. Clinic stamp: 509A EN | Art-No.: 21-1092 © 2009 Renfert GmbH

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Dental Clinic: Denture fabrication date So I continue to smile with confidence. … in this way, I prevent unsightly tartar build up and disease of the mouth and gums. because dentures are also subject to attack by bacteria and germs. by cleaning daily and regular professional cleaning by the dentist.

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effecn just tense Your care card Important: Professional cleaning every 3 months! Bring your ca re card to ever y appoin tment.

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