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S.A. RENOL N.V. - Quai F. Demets Kaai 23 - 1070 Brussels - Belgium Tel. : +32 (0)2 660.62.45 - Fax : +32 (0)2 675.48.65

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Product Catalog - 3

RENOL’s main objectives are the safety and comfort of the patient. We set great store by prevention. In line with the expectations of nursing staff, we have perfected a range of prophylactic products which incorporates various discreet but extremely effective forms of aid. Constantly in touch with health-care professionals, we have based ourselves on empirical findings. From an ethical viewpoint, the perceived image of the brace is tinged with negative connotations, especially where its use with elderly patients is concerned. The use of position holders is often a source of questions from...

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Product Catalog - 4

In our catalogue, we have divided our products into three distinct main categories using different colours. POSITIONING IN CHAIRS POSITIONING IN BED SUPPORT IN CHAIRS SUPPORT IN BED SUPPORT ON STRECHERS You will find a small icon situated in the top-right corner of each page according to how the product is used and the method of fastening of straps and belts. Each range of products is listed according to the materials used in its design and represented by specific labels (example: «RENOL SENSITIVE®). Sizes can be identified by a colour code. • X-Small O Small 0 Medium O Large • X-Large •...

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Product Catalog - 5

CONTENTS RENOL DAILY RENOL DAILY AID Pillows «RENOL FOAM / RENOL MED / RENOL HOME» Page 8 Heels and elbows protection «RENOL PROTECTOR» Page 9 Cushions and over-matress «RENOL PROTECTOR» Page 10 Broken arm support Page 11 Therapy for the hand Page 11 Apron, Absorbent pad Page 11 Adapted clothes Page 13 Protective gloves Page 14 Wheelchair accessories Page 15 Storage bag, Urine bag holder, Transfer help RENOL SUPPORT IN CHAIRS EVOLUTION belts «RENOL CLIP» Page 34 SOFT belts «RENOL CLIP» Page 35 QUICK legs Immobilisation «RENOL CLIP» Page 37 SAFETY belts «RENOL CLIP» Page 38 Jackets «RENOL...

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Product Catalog - 6

ICONS Products for daily aid Products for use in chairs Products for use in bed Products for use on stretchers RENOL SENSITIVE RENOL PU RENOL COTTON RENOL FILL RENOL MED RENOL PROTECTOR RENOL HOME RENOL FOAM Positioning cushions for chairs Positioning cushions for beds RENOL CLIP Systems with buckle fastening RENOL FIX Systems with lock fastening (choice of Magnet or Steel lock) Cotton covers improved by a thin layer of silicon fibres PU covers Cotton covers Range of cushions with coating PU front, cotton back, stuffed with silicon fibres Range of cushions with PU coating, stuffed with...

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Product Catalog - 7

RENOL offers you a range of practical, efficient, comfortable products designed to prevent inconveniences and accidents that might occur on a daily basis. They are also designed to provide a snug sense of well-being. They are intended for people who have had an accident or been injured, convalescents, those suffering from aching necks, shoulders and backs or the elderly. • Multi-functional ergonomic pillows; cushions and over-mattresses for various uses. • Reduction in pressure sores and prevention of risk of bedsores for all parts of the body. • Support for arm and hand. • Aprons,...

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Product Catalog - 8

• i—I A PILLOWS Our pillows are designed to help you make the most of unique relaxation and benefit from restorative sleep thanks to appropriate and ideal positioning. They have been designed to allow pressures in the neck and shoulders to be relieved thanks to the perfect balancing of the pressure points. Ergonomic, they guarantee a quality of comfort and offer the added benefit of being multi-functional: they aid relief or help prevent cervical pain, stiff necks, tension in the shoulder blades and headaches associated with these pains. They can also be used simply by anyone looking for...

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Product Catalog - 9

PILLOW RENOL UNIVERSAL «RENOL MED / RENOL HOME» RCM31100 «RENOL MED» 40x60 cm pc The UNIVERSAL cushion adapts perfectly to the natural curve of the neck.The constant massage effect provided by the polystyrene microbeads ensures an ideal position for the head, shoulders and neck. Extremely versatile, it can be used to position and support other parts of the body: lateral support for the abdomen, support for the lower legs, support for the ankles, etc. This item is available either with a PU cover (RCB31100) or a cotton cover (RCB31133). Surface cleaning. COVER UNIVERSAL «RENOL SENSITIVE /...

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Product Catalog - 10

HEELS AND ELBOWS PROTECTION HEEL PROTECTOR «RENOL PROTECTOR» RCH10100 One size pc Prevents rubbing and reduces pressure on the heel. Machine washable. ROLL HEEL PROTECTOR «RENOL PROTECTOR» RCH10400 One size pc Prevents any contact between heel and mattress. The heel is completely de-stressed, all pressure having been removed. Machine washable. RCH10499 One size pc PU-coating. Machine washable. ELBOW PROTECTOR «RENOL PROTECTOR» RCE20100 One size pc Reduces pressure on the elbow by spreading the pressure zone. Also protects against friction. Machine washable. COMFORT CUSHION CHAIR «RENOL...

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Product Catalog - 11

This cotton sling stabilises and positions the forearm comfortably with a view to ensuring the arm heals properly. The length of the strap can be adjusted. Machine washable. HAND THERAPY HAND THERAPY This cotton roll stuffed with silicon fibres is suitable for people suffering from muscular contractions or prolonged cramp. It ensures the hand remains in a good position and can be used in physiotherapy. Machine washable. Made from flexible, waterproof PU that is soft to the touch, it covers the torso and upper legs. Machine washable. APRON WITH <<CATCH>> POCKET RCA20011 50x45 cm pc Made from...

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Product Catalog - 12

• Small • Medium • Large • X-Large • XX-Large These cotton pyjamas make dressing dependent people easy. A zip fastener in the back stops the patient from undressing and tampering with their pants or dressings. Nursing staff can easily open the clothes to access the patient. Machine washable. SHORT PYJAMAS • Small • Medium • Large • X-Large • XX-Large These cotton pyjamas (short sleeves and legs) can be used underneath traditional pyjamas or beneath clothing.The zip located in the crotch allows the pyjamas to be removed easily over the patient's head like an ordinary blouse or T-shirt....

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