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Yxoss SurgiGide Precision for your construction masterpiece

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Backward planning at its best The creation of unique architecture starts with a vision. In implant dentistry, it all begins with a desirable aesthetic outcome that you have in mind. Following the backward planning principle ReOss® supports you with a comprehensive digital workflow to reach your target. Backward planning – Step by step towards your target Implant positions Yxoss SurgiGide® Yxoss SurgiGide® – ReOss’ new 3-D printed drilling template Digital › Tailor-made based on your patient’s individual imaging data › No additional planning software required Comprehensive › Precise implant...

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First, we plan the ideal dental prostheses via computer-aided design using the patient’s individual imaging data. Based on that the implants can be positioned and aligned in the optimal way. To ensure their solid foundation a customized bone regeneration (Yxoss CBR®) may be recommended. Yxoss CBR® (optional) Versatile Multiple case-specific variants › Support: Tooth, mucosa or bone › uidance: Pilot (pre-drilling only) G Partially (drilling up to implant diameter) Fully (implant insertion through template) › Optional: Support of sinus floor elevation Mucosa-supported Yxoss SurgiGide® pilot...

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One Order – up to three products Our intuitive ordering platform MyReOss (www.reoss.eu/myreoss) gives you the option to receive two compatible patient-specific products and our FYxoss® screw system with just one order for your patient. Save your valuable time by letting us do the precise case planning for you. All you need to do is order and release the design. Choose whether you prefer to order a) Yxoss SurgiGide® alone or b) Yxoss CBR®, Yxoss SurgiGide®, and FYxoss® in combination Case specification Implant positions, implant manufacturer, and optionally defect region, etc. Payment Select...

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For general questions about product and ordering process, please contact your local Geistlich Biomaterials representative: www.geistlich-pharma.com/mycontact 3-D Design & Review Evaluate and sign off patient-specific products For specific questions about your order, case planning, 3-D design, and your customer account, please contact ReOss LLC: E-mail: contact@reoss.eu Tel. +49 711 489 660 60 / Fax +49 711 489 660 66 www.reoss.eu Production Simultaneously after release Data Upload Upload DICOM Data and intraoral scan or send situation model Delivery Sterilization before surgery

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Yxoss SurgiGide® pilot combined with Yxoss CBR® protect 1 1 Initial clinical situation of the vertical and horizontal 2 The 3-D design of Yxoss CBR® and Yxoss SurgiGide® is created simultaneously and aligned with defect. each other. After verification both products can be released for production together. 3 Checking the fit of the Yxoss SurgiGide® in combination with Yxoss CBR®. 4 Perfect fit of Yxoss SurgiGide® and Yxoss CBR®. In addition to the exact implant position the implant axis is also specified. 5 Pilot drilling through Yxoss SurgiGide® at position 43. 6 After that and removal of...

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Yxoss SurgiGide® sinus combined with Yxoss CBR® protect 1 1 Initial clinical situation before sinus lift augmentation. 2 3-D planning of the sinus lift window, implant positions and Yxoss CBR®. 4 After that the Yxoss SurgiGide® sinus is inserted and checked for accuracy of fit. Next, the preoperatively planned ideal bone window is prepared. 5 Situation after ablation of the lateral sinus wall with 6 Once the bone substitute is placed in the medial part a rotary instrument. The Schneiderian membrane of the maxillary sinus the Yxoss CBR® is inserted. is then prepared with an angled sinus lift...

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Yxoss SurgiGide® Easy ordering at www.reoss.eu/myreoss Yxoss CBR® is an innovative solution for the regeneration of complex alveolar bone defects. Geistlich Bio-Oss® Stable scaffold for new bone.1,2,3,4 The slow resorption of Geistlich Bio-Oss® increases the stability of the augmentation material5 – the best prerequisite for long-term implant survival rates.6 Yxoss SurgiGide® is a customized drilling template for precise implant placement. Geistlich Bio-Gide® Stabilizes the grafted area and protects bone particles from dislocation for optimal bone regeneration.7 The natural collagen...

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