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r07a Screening Portable Audiometer


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SCREENING PORTABLE AUDIOMETER PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT • L x W x H: 240x190x30 mm • Net Weight: 600 gr. without battery • Body material: Plastic cabinet TEST TYPES Pure Tone Audiometry, Automatic Audiometry Patient controlled, according to ISO 8253-1 and standard Hughson Westlake procedure (selectable on control panel) Audiometer Class 4 according to EN ISO 60645-1 TALK FORWARD Built-in talk forward microphone 50-110 dBSPL (adjustable on control panel) STORE FUNCTION • Dedicated Store button that enable to store measurements into the internal memory (up to 50 patients). The patient will be identified by an ID. number. • Stored data can be viewed on the built-in display or transferred to the PC using MDS software. • MDS (Management Data Transfer) by RESONANCE with reporting and printing features. AUDIOMETRY OPERATING SPECIFICATIONS RANGE • Frequency range (AC): 125 - 8000 Hz (DD45) 125 - 8000 Hz (Insert Phones) • Tone • Warble Tone +/- 5%, 5Hz (true sine wave frequency modulation) • Left and Right • AC Conduction only TONE PRESENTATION • Manual or Reverse (selected on Setup Menù) • Pulsed at 0.5,1 or 2Hz - (selected on Setup Menù) or Continuos All the frequencies can be enabled or disabled by the Setup menu except 1000 Hz. LEVEL STEPS 1,2 or 5 dB (selected on Setup Menù) QUALITY SYSTEM Manufactured, designed, developed and marketed under an ISO 13485, ISO 9001 certified quality system. Medical CE marks. COMPLIANCE/REGULATORY STANDARDS Meets or exceeds EN60645-1 type 4 and ANSI 3.6 Safety standard: EN 60601-1, Class II, type BF EMC: EN 60601-1-2 STANDARD ACCESSORIES • R07A Audiometer • HB-7 Audiometric headband with DD45 transducers • Patient pushbutton • 100 Audiogram charts • Blue and Red Pen • Carrying bag • Multilingual CE Operation Manual • MDS Software • Insert phones • HB-7 Audiometric headband with TDH39 transducers • Medical CE approved external power supply • ADC Audiocups Noise Excluders • 0.3% typical • below 1% at full intensity RISE/FALL TIMES 4 AA size Automatic battery off switching (battery save mode activated after 1, 2 , 5 minutes on non-activity or never) Battery status indicator on the display header Protection against test execution with a critical battery level. EXTERNAL POWER SUPPLY (OPTIONAL) Dedicated Medical approved power supply 100-240VAC 50/60Hz, 0.3A (input) +5VDC, 2A (output) ENVIRONMENTAL OPERATING ENVIRONMENT • Storage: -20° C up to +50° C • Operating: +15° C up to +35° C • Humidity: up to 90%, (non condensing) • Ambient pressure: from 700hPa up to 1060hPa Please contact Resonance should you have any questions: The information, pictures and specifications found in this datasheet are intended as a general guideline for customers seeking information about supplies for Resonance equipment. Resonance makes no warranty, nor assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, typing errors or mistakes, correctness or completeness of any information in this datasheet. The information in this datash

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