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R35C Full Comprehensive Clinical Combined Middle Ear Analyzer


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R35C Full Comprehensive Clinical Combined Middle Ear Analyzer - 1

FULL COMPREHENSIVE CLINICAL COMBINED MIDDLE EAR ANALYZER PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS GENERAL SPECIFICATION DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT • L x W x H: 370x290x180 mm • Net weight: 3.5 kg • Body material: Bayblend® self-extinguishing TEST TYPES • Tympanometry: Automatic Timpanometry, Acoustic Reflex, Reflex Decay, nr. 3 Quick test, Acoustic Reflex Latency Test (ARLT), ETF (Intact, Perforated and Patulous), Special tests (Growht-DLI and Non acoustic) • Audiometry: Pure Tone test, Autothreshold, ABLB, Speech Test, Stenger, DLI, SISI, Bekesy, Tone Decay, MLB, Multifrequency, GAP, DLF USER INTERFACE • Multilingual Please contact Resonance should you have any questions: WINDOWS® COMPATIBLE SOFTWARE • Built-in fast thermal printer with paper width: 112 mm supplied as standard part • Printed on thermal printer • .pdf report create directly from the device and stored on USB Pen drive with possibility to add patient data and tests comments via the USB Keyboard (optional) • Data transfer to PC using Resonance Management Data Suite “CHILDREN” FEATURE • To help keep the child distracted while running screening “Quick Check” a series of animated images appears on the color display DATA TRANSFER TO PC • Via cable trough USB port COMMUNICATION PORT • Nr.1 USB host type A • Nr.1 USB slave type B • Resonance MDS Management Data Suite POWER SUPPLY • Max current 0,15A • Power consumption 40VA ENVIRONMENTAL OPERATING ENVIRONMENT • Storage: -20° C up to +50° C • Operating: +15° C up to +35° C • Humidity: up to 90%, (n

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R35C Full Comprehensive Clinical Combined Middle Ear Analyzer - 2

TYMPANOMETRY OPERATING AUDIOMETRY OPERATING SPECIFICATIONS SPECIFICATIONS • 226 Hz for Admittance (Y) curve tympanometry • 226 Hz: 85dB SPL ± 2dB • Frequency Accuracy: ± 0,5% • Harmonic distortion: Less then 1% ADMITTANCE MEASUREMENTS • Compliance range at 226Hz: 0,05 up to 7ml • Sensitivity scale: Autoscale to appropriate range; available scale at 226Hz: 1.5, 2, 5ml or 7ml • Control: Automatic and Manual • Range: from +400 up to -600 daPa adjustable in 50 daPa steps • Pressure accuracy: +/- 10 daPa or +/- 10% • Sweep rate: 50, 100, 200,300 daPa/sec and automatic • Indicator: Measured value...

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