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Manual Cutting Mill SM100 Translation © Retsch GmbH, 42781 Haan, Retsch-Allee 1-5, Germany | 13.01.2020 Version 0002

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Copyright © Copyright by Retsch GmbH Retsch-Allee 1-5 42781 Haan Germany

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Notes on the Manual This operating manual is a technical guide on how to operate the device safely and it contains all the information required for the areas specified in the table of contents. This technical documentation is a reference and instruction manual. The individual chapters are complete in themselves. Familiarity (of the respective target groups defined according to area) with the relevant chapters is a precondition for the safe and appropriate use of the device. This operating manual does not contain any repair instructions. If faults arise or repairs are necessary, please...

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1.1 Explanations of the Safety Instructions In this Operating Manual we give you the following safety warnings Serious injury may result from failing to heed these safety warnings. We give you the following warnings and corresponding content. WARNING Type of danger / personal injury Source of danger – Possible consequences if the dangers are not observed. • Instructions on how the dangers are to be avoided. We also use the following signal word box in the text or in the instructions on action to be taken: WARNING Moderate or mild injury may result from failing to heed these safety warnings....

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1.2 General Safety InstructionsA CAUTION Read the Operating Manual Non-observance of these operating instructions - The non-observance of these operating instructions can result in personal injuries. • Read the operating manual before using the device. • We use the adjacent symbol to draw attention to the necessity of knowing the contents of this operating manual. Target group : All persons concerned with the machine in any form This machine is a modern, high performance product from Retsch GmbH and complies with the state of the art. Operational safety is given if the machine is handled...

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1.3 Repairs This operating manual does not contain any repair instructions. For your own safety, repairs may only be carried out by Retsch GmbH or an authorized representative or by Retsch service engineers. In that case please inform: The Retsch representative in your country Your supplier Retsch GmbH directly Your Service Address:

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2 Confirmation This operating manual contains essential instructions for operating and maintaining the device which must be strictly observed. It is essential that they be read by the operator and by the qualified staff responsible for the device before the device is commissioned. This operating manual must be available and accessible at the place of use at all times. The user of the device herewith confirms to the managing operator (owner) that (s)he has received sufficient instructions about the operation and maintenance of the system. The user has received the operating manual, has read...

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Packaging, Transport and Installation Packaging, Transport and Installation 3.1 Packaging The packaging has been adapted to the mode of transport. It complies with the generally applicable packaging guidelines. NOTICE Storage of packaging – In the event of a complaint or return, your warranty claims may be endangered if the packaging is inadequate or the machine has not been secured correctly. Please keep the packaging for the duration of the warranty period. 3.2 Transport NOTICE Transport – Mechanical or electronic components may be damaged. • The machine may not be knocked, shaken or...

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Packaging, Transport and Installation NOTICE Atmospheric humidity - Electronic and mechanical components may be damaged and the performance data alter to an unknown extent. • Do not exceed the admissible range for atmospheric humidity. 3.5 Electrical Connection ^ WARNING When connecting the power cable to the mains supply, use an external fuse that complies with the regulations applicable to the place of installation . • Please check the type plate for details on the necessary voltage and frequency for the device. • Make sure the levels agree with the existing mains power supply. • Use the...

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Packaging, Transport and Installation etsch 1 -Produced - - 2 Part. No. . . 3 Retsch GmbH Retsch-Allee 1-5 42781 Haan, Germany Fig. 1: Type plate lettering 1 Device designation 2 Year of production 3 Part number 4 Serial number 5 Manufacturer’s address 6 CE marking 7 Disposal label 8 Bar code 9 Power version 10 Mains frequency 11 Capacity 12 Amperage 13 Number of fuses 14 Fuse type and fuse strength In the case of questions please provide the device designation (1) or the part number (3) and the serial number (4) of the device.

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Packaging, Transport and Installation Fig. 2: Removing the transport aid Only use the transport aid (TH) when lifting the device. The device weighs approx. 73 kg. Select secure lifting equipment that is approved for this weight. Keep the eyebolt (TH) for transportation at a later date. The eyebolt must be removed before assembling the hopper.

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Packaging, Transport and Installation Fig. 3: Components of the stand The components come pre-assembled to simplify assembly of the frame. Where necessary slightly loosen the four screws (TS) on the crossbar (TR). Slide the crossbar into the lateral guides of the left and right roller track (RS).

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Packaging, Transport and Installation Fig. 5: Fastening the crossbar angle bracket NOTICE Ensure that the crossbar (TR) is aligned flush with the pre-assembled angle section (WS). Tighten the screw on the left and right of the angle section (SW). Fig. 6: Screwing the crossbar tight • Tighten the four Allen screws.

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Packaging, Transport and Installation Fig. 7: Mounting the side protective caps • Place the four black plastic caps on the openings. Fig. 8: Mounting the front protective caps • Place the two caps on the ends of the roller track. Fig. 9: Placing the crossbar on the stand

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Packaging, Transport and Installation • Place the stand (SQ) on the crossbar. Fig. 10: Points for securing the stand Fig. 11: Screwing the stand onto the crossbar • Screw the stand (SQ) onto the crossbar. Then place the SM100 on the base frame. Using the 4 screws, screw the SM100 housing tightly onto the base f

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