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Particle Analyzer CAMSIZER® P4 Particle Size and Particle Shape Analysis with Dynamic Image Analysis nt Measureme flowing of dry, free als from bulk materi 0 mm 20 µm to 3 P4 Solutions in Particle Sizing | | 1

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Exact Measurement of Particle Size and Particle Shape with CAMSIZER® P4 n Measuring range from 20 μm to 30 mm with no hardware adjustments n Excellent dynamic range for measuring wide particle size distributions n High resolution for narrow mono-modal or multi-mode distributions n Reliable detection of smallest amounts (<  0.01 %) of oversized grains n Particle shape analysis (e.g. detection of agglomerates, broken particles or contaminations) n Flexible data evaluation thanks to the particle library and 3D Cloud n Fully comparable to sieve analysis results n Excellent reproducibility

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Particle Analyzer CAMSIZER® P4 – The CAMSIZER P4 system – The patented CAMSIZER P4 principle – Particle shape analysis and its applications – Particle library and 3D Cloud – CAMSIZER P4 Online System – CAMSIZER P4 Accessories – Key Features – Specifications / Technical data Experts for Particle Characterization Retsch Technology's core competence is to combine innovative particle characterization technology and quality control with maximum operating convenience. The product line for particle characterization covers a size range from 0.3 nm to 30 mm. The instruments, which operate with...

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Particle Analyzer CAMSIZER® P4 The CAMSIZER® P4 System Particle size and particle shape analysis The CAMSIZER P4 has been developed to comprehensively characterize dry, free flowing bulk materials. Whereas traditional sieve analysis, for example, can only determine the approximate particle size, the CAMSIZER P4 simultaneously measures both particle size and shape – with much more detail and at a higher resolution. Typical applications n Abrasives n Catalysts n Chemicals n Coal/coke n Coffee n Construction materials n Fertilizers n Food granulates The CAMSIZER P4 is a time and cost-saving...

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Particle Analyzer CAMSIZER® P4 CAMSIZER® P4 replaces sieve analysis – faster, more precise and more information Minimum benefit: n Further analysis of individual fractions possible n Wet sieving possible Maximum benefit: n Drastic reduction of workload and time n Automatic individual evaluation of size, shape, density, transparency and particle number n Contact-free, non-destructive analysis n Online measurement for optimum process and quality monitoring n Self-cleaning and virtually wear-free n Recalibration is a matter of seconds n Detailed particle size analysis n Simultaneous analysis...

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Particle Analyzer CAMSIZER® P4 The patented CAMSIZER® P4 principle From 20 μm to 30 mm in one measurement: accurate – quick – reliable The innovative CAMSIZER P4 measuring system is based on the Dynamic Image Analysis principle. The bulk material falls between light source and cameras. Each particle is detected by the cameras with a high frame rate, and is then digitalized and processed by the connected computer. Dual Camera Technology The dual camera system of the CAMSIZER P4 is superior to any other dynamic image analyzer in terms of width of size range, analysis speed, accurate shape...

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Particle Analyzer CAMSIZER® P4 CAMSIZER® P4 – Superiority in detail Unique concept Patented measuring method with 2 adaptive full-frame matrix cameras n Maximum resolution n Extremely wide dynamic measuring range n Complete and, therefore, exact particle recording with each digital image n Unrivaled repeatability n Simultaneous measurement with both cameras Software-controlled Venturi air flow sample dispersion n Avoids instrument contamination even with very dusty samples Long life light source The high intensity of the CAMSIZER’s P4 new LED strobe light source (90 Hz) allows for extremely...

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Particle Analyzer CAMSIZER® P4 CAMSIZER® P4 Results Evaluation and documentation A major advantage of the CAMSIZER P4 is the evaluation of the results in real-time. Graphical representation of the results is available while the measurement is still running. At the same time, the measurement process can be checked visually by observing the digital images. All particle images and parameters are evaluated directly during measurement and are also saved to the particle library. Immediately after the measurement is finished, the results can be displayed in various forms. By using the particle...

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Particle Analyzer CAMSIZER® P4 More detailed information due to advanced technology To meet the individual user requirements, the measurement results are displayd as graphics, tables, characteristics or digital images. The results obtained can be presented graphically and in tabular form as size fractions, frequency distribution or cumulative distribution. In addition, the CAMSIZER P4 can determine the number of particles in the sample as well as the specific surface area, the density and transparency of the sample material. The CAMSIZER P4 software also allows the presentation of daily...

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Particle Analyzer CAMSIZER® P4 The use of the CAMSIZER P4 is very economical, particularly for high sample throughput. In combination with the AutoSampler, efficiency can be increased by automated sample feeding. A further improvement is possible by using continuous quality monitoring in online operation. Benefits n Automated serial measurements of up to 40 samples n Minimal training for different user groups n Optimum efficiency for CAMSIZER P4 n Flexible configuration of sample volume and number n Consistent measuring conditions and unequivocal assignment of results via barcode The...

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Particle Analyzer CAMSIZER® P4 CAMSIZER® P4 Online System Modular design The CAMSIZER P4 is suitable for both laboratory use and integration into the process line with identical configuration. Due to the identical measurement technology, identical results are obtained from both areas. The modular design of the CAMSIZER Online allows for a two step implementation. It is often the best choice to start with the CAMSIZER laboratory instrument. An upgrade to the online version can then follow as a next step. Closed housing CAMSIZER® P4 Online Setup In the CAMSIZER P4 online system the CAMSIZER...

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