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The New RETSCH DustMon RD 100 for Dust Characterization The DustMon RD 100 was designed to reliably determine the dustiness of granular products and powders. Benefits at a glance: n Measures dust concentrations n Determines dust index and dust area n Max. 10 overlay dust curves for easy comparison of different samples n Sealed sample cassette n High reproducibility n Simple user interface with integrated display n Analysis complies with CIPAC MT 171 method le ucib prod Re ent rem easu m ust of d ns atio entr conc

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Quality Control of measures taken to avoid dust formation: - Agglomeration (e.g. tablets, granulates) - Production of granulates - Adsorption on liquids - Adding of dust reducing agents the amount of dust in powders and granulates. Building material / tile glue / cement, washing powder, food / feed additives / coffee / cocoa, polymer, superadsorber, cat litter, pesticides / fertilizer / herbicides, automotive, brakes, welding or metal powder Performance data Measurement principle Measurement parameters Analysis time n Ability to save results including sample information, time and date...

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