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Operating Instructions Ultra Centrifugal Mill Type ZM 200 Retsch GmbH, 42781 HaanRetsch-Allee 1-5, Germany, 08.02.2012 0003

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Information on these operating instructions The present operating instructions for the Ultra Centrifugal Mill of type ZM200 provide all the necessary information on the headings contained in the table of contents. They act as a guide for the target group(s) of readers defined for each topic for the safe use of the ZM200 in accordance with its intended purpose. Familiarity with the relevant chapters on the part of each target group(s) of readers is essential for the safe and proper use of the equipment. The present technical documentation has been designed both as a source of reference and...

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ZM 200 - 4

Safety The ZM200 is a modern, high-performance product manufactured by Retsch GmbH. It incorporates the latest technology. The machine is entirely safe in its operation when used for the intended purpose and in accordance with the present technical documentation. Safety instructions You, as the owner/operator, must ensure that the persons who are entrusted to work on the ZM200: have read and understood all the regulations contained in the chapter on safety, have made themselves familiar, before starting work, with all the operating instructions and regulations relevant to that particular...

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ZM 200 - 5

Safety directive summarised, part 1 Safety instructions We reject herewith any and all claims relating to personal injury or material damage which result from the failure to comply with the following safety instructions. Intended use Do not make any modifications to the machine and only use Retsch approved spares and accessories. The conformity to the European guidelines declared by Retsch otherwise loses its validity. It furthermore leads to the loss of all warranty claims. Packaging Please retain the packaging for the duration of the warranty since, in case of complaint, returning in...

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ZM 200 - 6

Safety directive summarised, part 2 Feeding in comminution material

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ZM 200 - 7

Confirmation I have read and understood the chapters Information on these operating instructions and on Safety. __________________________________ Signature of service technician Retsch GmbH

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ZM 200 - 8

Technical specifications Machine type designation: ZM200 Intended use The Retsch Ultra Centrifugal Mill ZM200 is deployed for rapid fine grinding of soft to medium hard and fibrous materials up to a grain size of 10 mm. See the section in the chapter on "Operation" below for examples: "Unsuitable comminution material" "Suitable comminution material" "Comminution methods" "Comminution by cold grinding" The end fineness achievable is determined by : The type of rotor The speed of the rotor The ring sieve The shearing properties of the comminution material The effective grinding technology and...

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ZM 200 - 9

ZM200 emissions Noise levels : Noise measured according to DIN 45635-31-01-KL3 The noise levels are basically influenced by the speed of the machine, the feed material, the feed grain size, the rotor used and the ring sieve deployed. Workplace related emission value LpAeq = up to 77.5 dB(A) Measuring conditions : Machine speed = 18,000 r.p.m. Feed material = burnt lime Feed grain size = <5 mm Ring sieve deployed = 0.5 mm Conidur perforation Rotor deployed = 12-tooth rotor Materials and analyses of the grinding tools See : Protection...

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ZM 200 - 10

Transport and assembly Packaging The packaging has been adapted to the mode of transport. It corresponds to the generally applicable packaging guidelines. Please retain the packaging for the duration of the warranty since, in case of complaint, returning in unsuitable packaging can jeopardize your warranty claims. Transport During transportation, do not subject the ZM200 to impacts, jolts or vibrations. The electronic and mechanical components could otherwise be damaged. Temperature fluctuations In case of wide temperature fluctuations (during shipment by air, for instance), protect the...

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ZM 200 - 11

When the ambient temperature exceeds or falls below that specified, the electronic and mechanical components may be damaged, And performance data changed to an unknown extent. Air humidity : Maximum relative humidity 80% at temperatures up to 31°C, declining in linear manner down to 50% relative humidity at 40°C At a higher air humidity, the electronic and mechanical components may be damaged, and performance data changed to an unknown extent. Assembly height : Max. 2000 m above sea level Electrical connection • The voltage and frequency for the ZM200 are shown on the data plate. • Ensure...

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ZM 200 - 12

To connect distributor DR100 Interface to update the ZM200 software Inactive interface for optional data communication with an external device at a later date. Software update required.

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ZM 200 - 13

Operation Connect the power Ensure that the voltage and frequency of your mains power supply agrees with the data plate on the ZM200. • Plug the power cable into the socket at the rear of the unit • Plug the cable into the mains power socket • Turn the main switch on Failure to observe the values on the data plate can cause damage to electronic and mechanical components. The language menu is displayed the first time the ZM200 is switched on. The language required can be selected here by turning operating button E. The selection is confirmed by pressing it and the display shows "Open cover"....

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ZM 200 - 14

The safety lock opens and the cover can be folded back. The grinding chamber is now freely accessible. Closing The grinding chamber cannot be closed unless the ZM200 is connected to the mains power supply and the main switch at the rear of the device is switched on. • Pull down the housing cover and press it downwards until the cover closure is activated A sensor recognises that the housing cover is closed and the motorised cover closure is switched on. • The housing cover is locked automatically Emergency unlocking A key is fixed underneath the unit. This can be used to open the ZM200...

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