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B 760 ERAGON bipolar GB VI10


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B 760 ERAGON bipolar GB VI10 - 1

Bipolar forceps and scissors system modular • ergonomie • safe

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B 760 ERAGON bipolar GB VI10 - 2

All aspects of the new bipolar^R GONsys- tem meet the requirements of economy, .ER GOUJS a cost-effective, modular sys- tem with a wide range of different jaws sec- tions. The system can be assembled and dismantled extremely simply thanks to the new "click-it system" and allows the use of a In thejER GOMsystem, all unnecessary ex- cursion of components in the articulated joints has been avoided. This practically excludes the risk of tissue or fine structures being trapped. The complete insulation extends even to the region of the mechani- cal joints and allows perfectly safe opera- tion....

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B 760 ERAGON bipolar GB VI10 - 3

The new "click-it system" makes it extremely simple to assemble and dismantle the indi- vidual components. The modular construc- tion also meets all the requirements of By professionals for professionals - the ergo nomicjEB GOMhandle was tested by nume rous physicians and their feedback was extremely positive. The unique design allows he user to operate the instrument in any osition without causing strain or compromi- sing safety.

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B 760 ERAGON bipolar GB VI10 - 4

spirit of excellence Printed on paper based on cellulose which has been bleached without the use of chlorine. System Ergonomical handle, rotatable Sheath, WL = 330 mm, Ø 5.5 mm 83930921 839300102 inner sections complete instruments (incl. handle and sheath) Order number inner section Grasping and dissecting forceps 83930031 83930032 839300322 83930033 839300332 83930034 839300342 83930035 839300352 83930036 839300362 83930041 Grasping and dissecting forceps "MarylandDissector" 839300312 839300412 Grasping forceps, fenestrated Specifications subject to change without notice. Grasping and...

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