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B 778 Lap Bergebeutel I13 GB


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B 778 Lap Bergebeutel I13 GB - 1

self-opening, with removable bag

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B 778 Lap Bergebeutel I13 GB - 2

Laparoscopic Retrieval Bag self-opening, with removable bag Easy, intuitive handling Self-opening bag Large opening permits easy removal of tissue Particularly tear resistant for safe retrieval Specifications subject to change without notice. Large, self-opening retrieval bag for easy and safe removal of tissue and organs in minimally invasive surgery. Bag size: approx. 127 x 178 mm Bag opening: approx. 110 x 70 mm Ideal for use through 10, 11 or 12 mm trocar sheaths Packed singly, sterile Ready for use immediately – packed singly, sterile Filled and closed bag can be detached and left...

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