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Catalogue OR Integration - 2

core.system components core.control compact core.control compact core.control vista core.control vista

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Catalogue OR Integration - 3

RICHRRD rEin core.browser Bediensoftware core nova core nova core.browser is the central operating software for the core nova system and is always delivered together with a control terminal. It facilitates the display and operation of functions, device control, apps, etc. A keyboard or a mouse is not necessary for control, since the system is operated entirely using a touchscreen. □ Clear presentation of device functions □ Display of device status □ Display of error and information messages □ Control of third-party devices like OR tables or OR lights □ Various languages available □ Presets...

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Catalogue OR Integration - 4

core.control compact Bedienterminal core nova core nova

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Catalogue OR Integration - 5

core.control compact core.control compact Technical Data core nova core nova Technische Daten Type / Type Paneleigenschaften / Panel characteristics Bilddiagonale Monitor size Auflösung / Seitenverhältnis Resolution / Aspect ratio Max. Helligkeit Max. brightness Kontrastverhältnis Contrast ratio Blickwinkel Angle of view Ausstattung / Equipment Touchscreen Touchscreen Analog resistive IP-Schutz IP protection Potentialausleich Equipotential bonding Gehäuseaufnahme Enclosure mount Frontseitig IP65, Rückseitig IPX1 Front side IP65, rear side IPX1 ZPA VESA 75/100 Stromversorgung / Power supply...

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Catalogue OR Integration - 6

core nova core nova core.control vista Control Terminal core.control vista Bedienterminal core.control vista is an additional operating option in the core nova system for wall mounting only. A range of different installation options is available. core.control vista ist eine weitere Bedienungsmöglichkeit des core nova Systems. Diese Bedienterminals werden in die Wand eingebaut. Es gibt verschiedene Montagearten. Wall-mounting workstation for controlling the core nova system Intel i7 processor Can be operated using the touchscreen Projected Capacitive Touch (PCAP) Wipeable glass surface...

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Catalogue OR Integration - 7

RICHnRD fTin core.control vista 222 Technical Data core.control vista 222 Technische Daten core nova core nova Type / Type RW-222FBT1 (flachenbundige Version / flush version) RW-222BRT1 (mit Blendrahmen / with fixed frame) RW-222BOT1 (Aufputzversion / wall-mounting enclosure)

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Catalogue OR Integration - 8

core nova core nova Large Screen Displays Großbildmonitore wall-mounting monitors are ideally suited for expanding the display options in the OR room, for showing medical images using Wandeinbau-Monitore eignen sich optimal zur Erweiterung der Anzeigemedien im OP-Saal, zur Darstellung von medizinischen Bilddaten über o Large viewing area o Flexible viewing angle o Wipeable glass surface permits easy cleaning o Große Anzeigefläche o Flexibler Betrachtungswinkel o Leichte Reinigung dank abwischbarer Glasoberfläche

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Catalogue OR Integration - 9

RICHnRD fTin Technical Data 346 Technische Daten core nova core nova Type / Type RW-346FB01 (flachenbundige Version / flush version) RW-346BR01 (mit Blendrahmen / with fixed frame) RW-346BO01 (Aufputzversion / wall-mounting enclosure)

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Catalogue OR Integration - 10

Technical Data 355 Technische Daten core nova core nova Type / Type RW-355FB01 (flachenbundige Version / flush version) RW-355BR01 (mit Blendrahmen / with fixed frame) RW-355BO01 (Aufputzversion / wall-mounting enclosure)

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Catalogue OR Integration - 11

RICHnRD fTin spirit of excellence core nova core.connect core nova core.connect is a universal converter interface for controlling thirdparty devices. This may relate to OR tables, surgical lights (incl. camera) or other devices. □ Connection of third-party devices via CAN bus, serial or infrared communication possible □ Power supply via Power over Ethernet (PoE) or alternatively via an external power supply unit □ A range of drivers is available core.connect ist ein universeller Interface zur Anbindung von Fremdgeraten. Dies konnen z.B. OP-Tische, OP-Leuchten (inkl. Kamera) oder...

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Catalogue OR Integration - 12

Technical Data core.connect Technische Daten core nova core nova

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Catalogue OR Integration - 13

core nova core nova Third-Party Devices Control Interface Sales Sets (HW incl. SW) Interface zur Einbindung von Fremdgeräten Verkaufssets (HW inkl. SW)

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Catalogue OR Integration - 14

core nova core nova core.connect Third-Party Devices Control Interface Sales Sets (HW incl. SW) Interface zur Steuerung von Fremdgeräten Verkaufssets (HW inkl. SW)

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Catalogue OR Integration - 15

core.connect Accessories for OR Tables core.connect Zubehör für OP-Tische core nova core nova Device dimensions (w x h x d): 80 x 90 x 73 mm Weight: approx. 0.15 kg Device dimensions (w x h x d): 250 x 150 x 50 mm Weight: approx. 0.5 kg

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Catalogue OR Integration - 16

core nova core nova Media Management Platform Medienmanagement-Plattform is the central media management platform in the core nova network. By using 3G-SDI inputs and outputs or H.264 videostreams HD signals can be transmitted from source to destination. Transmission of audio and video signals to hospital workstations is available via network stream. All video sources can also be documented in video routing. ist die zentrale Medienmanagement Plattform im core nova Netzwerk. Mit 3G-SDI Ein- und Ausgängen bzw. der Verarbeitung von H.264 Videostreams...

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Catalogue OR Integration - 17

RICHnRD fTin Technical Data core.mediaTechnische Daten core nova core nova Ausstattung / Equipment IP-Schutz IP 20 Operating mode Continuous operation Schutzgrad bei Anwendung in Gegenwart von Gerat ist nicht explosionsgeschutzt brennbaren Gemischen (Gerat nicht in zundfahiger Atmosphare betreiben) Degree of protection when flammable mixtures This device is not protected against explosions are present (Do not operate this device in areas where explosive substances are present) Stromversorgung / Power supply Netzteil Integriertes Netzteil Power supply...

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Catalogue OR Integration - 18

core nova core nova

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Catalogue OR Integration - 19 Multi Signal Converter Multi Signal Konverter core nova core nova 6 connect Multi-scaler and video signal converter for integration of mobile devices in the core nova System. connect Multi-Scaler und Video-Signalkonverter zum Einbinden von mobilen Geräten in das core nova System. o External devices without an SDI output can be connected to o Connected input signals are converted into 3G-SDI o Ermöglicht den Anschluss von externen Geräten ohne SDI-Ausgang an o Angeschlossene Signale werden in 3G-SDI umgewandelt See overleaf...

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