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COXARTIS Instrument Set for arthroscopy of the hip

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Stable puncture cannulas allow direct passage through all soft tissue structures for the primary access to the joint under X-ray control and the creation of other access portals under endoscopic control. The semi flexible guide wires made of Nitinol (0 2 mm) are introduced through the inner lumen of the puncture cannulas into the joint and serve as a blunt guide rail for the introduction of all can-nulated instruments. As the first dilator, the cannulated rod expands the access portal to the joint over the guide wire. The trocar sleeves of the arthroscope can be introduced directly over...

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COXARTIS Brochure - 3

RICHRRD rTPl CUOLF^ COXARTIS spirit of excellence The automatic locking mechanism between the rotatable irrigation ring and the alignment arc provides intuitive handling of the alignment device. Fixing the alignment arc at the irrigation ring means that the working length of 14.5 cm for the trocar sleeve is retained in full. This permits the use of the alignment device in obese patients. The strategically selected configuration of the stopcocks at the irrigation ring means that the connected tubes are routed away to the side. The locking points guide sleeve - guide attachment and guide...

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COXARTIS Brochure - 4

The Arthrolution trocar sleeves were shaped specially for atraumatic use in the joint in conjunction with a PANO-VIEW telescope with a 70° angle of view. Telescopes with a 30° or a 45° angle of view can also be used. A maintenance-free click locking mechanism guarantees simple, safe and fast connection of the telescopes in the trocar sleeves. Cannulated trocars allow direct introduction of the arthroscopes into the joint via the guide wire. A new continuous-irrigation arthroscope was developed to optimise the view in the joint. Balanced continuous irrigation and suction allow the joint to...

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COXARTIS Brochure - 5

RICHRRD nrr>i COXARTIS Accessories and instruments for arthroscopy of the hip Irrigation cannula 0 8.0 mm, capacity 7.0 mm, WL 168 mm An adapter allows the use of telescopes with different angles of view during the operation and the transfer of the camera under sterile conditions. The large-lumen, atraumatic irrigation channel is used for the efficient aspiration of particles and foreign bodies from the hip joint and can be introduced in conjunction with a 0 7 mm dilator (891532070). Extended hooked probe, graduated for palpation and measuring. Hooked probe WL 150 mm, graduated in steps...

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COXARTIS Brochure - 6

Specially shaped curettes with ergonomic handpieces for effective removal and smoothing of bone, remnants of cartilage and calcium deposits. Curette, round

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COXARTIS Brochure - 7

COXARTISThe PULSEShifter - "Hit the point" The PULSEShifter is introduced into the hip joint using a half-shell. The movable tip of the microfractor is rotated in the direction of the half-shell to protect against injuries. The instrument is placed in the joint so that the tip is positioned at the desired defect point of the cartilage. The tip is perpendicular to the cartilage-bone surface and is used to hook in the instrument before microfracturing. The tip is now punched into the cartilage defect site using a measured hammer blow applied to the proximal end of the microfractor. A...

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COXARTIS Brochure - 8

The atraumatic grasping forceps can be used to grasp and remove foreign bodies and remnants of bone. Atraumatic grasping forceps (modular) 0 5 mm, WL 240 mm consisting of: Jaw insert (8392.181), sheath tube (8392.913),user-friendly handle rotatable without HF and locking mechanism (8393.0001) Sharp punches with adapted length and various degrees of bend and angle used to resect dense tendinous and ligamentous structures.

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COXARTIS Brochure - 9

RICHRRD nrr>i CUOLF^ spirit of excellence Universal motor system PowerDrive ART1 230 V~ 50/60 Hz Powerful shaver handpieces with a maximum working speed of 16000 rpm as well as a multi functional handpiece for drilling and sawing tools can be connected to the universal motor system PowerDrive ART1. 2304.0041 You will find more information on the PowerDrive ART1 in the separate brochure. PowerDrive ART1 set comprising: PowerDrive ART1 generator, CAN-Bus connecting cable (103.701), power cable (2440.03) Power Stick M5/0 without keypad with fixed connection cable Power Stick M5/3 with...

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COXARTIS Brochure - 10

COXARTIS Resectors and burrs for arthroscopy of the hip The cannulated resectors with adapted length can be placed in the joint over a guide wire. The optimised cutting properties also allow resection of dense tendinous and ligamentous tissue. Resector serrated, Ø 4.5 mm, WL 200 mm with distal guide hole for Ø 2 mm guide wire Resector aggressive curved convex, Ø 4.5 mm, WL 200 mm Resector aggressive curved concave, Ø 4.5 mm, WL 200 mm Resector aggressive, Ø 4.5 mm, WL 200, with a distal guide hole for guide wire Ø 2 mm Round Burr, hooded, Ø 5.5 mm, WL 200 mm, distal protection set back 2 mm...

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COXARTIS Brochure - 11

RICHRRD nrr>i COXARTIS Tray for COXARTIS hip instruments Sterilization basket for instruments in hip arthroscopy SteriMzation Basket consisting of: 1x basket lower part (8584.5202), 1x basket lid (74018096), 2x spring lock medium (74015043), 1 x instrument rack, up (74018101), 1 x support bar (74018108), 1x silicone holder set hip surgery, up (85849105), 1x instrument rack, bottom (74018102), 1 x support bar (74018109), 1 x silicone holder set hip surgery, bottom (85849106)

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