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3D Endoscopy System in HD Quality Experience endoscopy with a completely new 3D system. The highest resolution Full-HD quality endoscopic image with outstanding three-dimensional depth perception – this is what ENDOCAM Epic 3D HD stands for. Change your perspective now and benet from this trendsetting concept. ® 3D-Endoscopy – The Advantages Precise hand and eye coordination using a three-dimensional image of the operation eld Realistic display of structures in their true spatial position Shorter learning curve assists in complex procedures Faster and more precise working and therefore...

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3D Endoscopy System in HD Quality 3D in a new dimension Have you been disappointed with 3D-imaging systems seen so far? ENDOCAM Epic 3D HD will convince you of the real benets. ® Three chip cameras are the gold standard in Laparoscopy – do not be content with less The image quality from the two integrated 3-chip sensors is head and shoulders above any chip-on-the-tip system Distortion-free telescopes for geometrically correct three-dimensional reproduction Plastic 3D-impression with realistic 3D coverage of the entire width of the image Benefit from a realistic 3D-Image. Working with...

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3D Endoscopy System in HD Quality System overview ENDOCAM Epic 3D HD ® Distortion-free 10 mm Stereo Laparoscopes (0° and 30°) in 300 mm and 430 mm working length Stereo camera head with two three-chip HD sensors Stereo Controller Epic 3D HD. Connection of up to three 3D-Monitors via simple HD-SDI cable (2D display is possible as well) We recommend 32" 3D-Monitors in combination with lightweight passive 3D polarized glasses 10 mm 3D HD Endoscope 8934631 300 mm effective length, 0° 8934632 300 mm effective length, 30° 89344631 430 mm effective length, 0° 89344632 430 mm effective length, 30°

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ENDOCAM Epic 3DHD Brochure - 7

VictOR HD System 3D Adapter Touch-Monitor 3D documentation with VictOR HD ■ Medical Full-HD Recorder for 2D and 3D ■ Full-HD recording directly onto USB storage media ■ Standard 3D format using "Over-Under" (=Top-Bottom) ■ Video format compatible with standard 3D-televisions ■ Intuitive user interface using a touch screen

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® Specications subject to change without notice. The new dimension in the 3rd dimension coming soon from Richard Wolf

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