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Endocam Logic HD - 2

ENDOCAM® Logic HD combines flexibility and versatility in a unique dimension. Sharpen your focus for brilliant images and a lot of smart options. The most advanced options reflect the latest technological development status. Future-proof concepts provide assurance that you will also be optimally equipped for the future. ENDOCAM® Logic HD allows you to remain in contact – with your work through pin-sharp, detailed images and with the future of advanced operating systems. Highly developed dialog function The dialog function permits automatic control of the light source through the camera. Users...

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Endocam Logic HD - 3

Versatile connection options Exceptional flexibility ENDOCAM® Logic HD has been configured for the highest image transmission standards. The system also offers maximum flexibility in this area. ENDOCAM® Logic HD permits adaptation of different sensor technologies: 3CCD, 1CCD, C-MOS. A needs-oriented selection of highly developed camera heads leaves absolutely nothing to be desired. You benefit from convenient digital technology, newly developed eyeMAX endoscopes with chip-on-the-tip technology and lots more. The system concept is supplemented by smart LED light sources, efficient light guides...

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Endocam Logic HD - 4

Eye to eye with the future Details in view, technology under control Overview for more control Logic HD features fast and easy control of all functions. This is facilitated by the touch display on the unit and an on-screen display with intuitive and smart menu navigation. noitinifeD hgiH High-definition for brilliant details ENDOCAM® Logic HD delivers pin-sharp images with maximum brightness and depth of detail.

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Endocam Logic HD - 5

Profiles specialized for efficiency ENDOCAM® Logic HD has a large number of preset application profiles that have been tested in clinical settings and can be quickly selected. Specialization and easy handling create efficiency in every operating situation. Users are also able to specify a large number of settings them- selves and define their own profiles. Menu navigation is carried out in a choice of different lang

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Endocam Logic HD - 6

Centerpiece in Digital OR – core

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Endocam Logic HD - 7

Perfection at every level core from RICHARD WOLF makes the vision of a perfect operating theater a reality. Complex processes and high-tech modules work in the background with the objective of achieving optimum patient outcomes with efficient use of capacities. ENDOCAM® Logic HD is the perfect image data source for core. Intuitive operation, equipped with HD technology creates vivid images. then distributes these to any monitors and workstations as necessary. HighLights in the system The automatic ENDOLIGHT® light sources, e.g. X300 HighLight and LED 1.3, combine clear, intensive...

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Endocam Logic HD - 8

The system of the future Focus on success with ENDOCAM® Logic HD ENDOCAM® Logic HD is different Compared with previous systems, the digital processing is carried out in the camera head. This provides flexibility and optimizes signal transfer to the controller. 3CCD HDTV camera head Image format 16:9 Maximum fidelity and image detail 1CCD HDTV camera head Image format 16:10 Autoclavable Extremely low weigh

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Endocam Logic HD - 9

Pendulum camera head The pendulum housing ideal for resection can by a simple twist action be converted to an axial head (e.g. ■ For intuitive positioning of the lens on the endoscope ■ Parfocal zoom lens 13-29 mm for maximum flexibility reddot design award

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Endocam Logic HD - 10

System overview USB ENDOCAM® LogicHD Controller ENDOLIGHT® LED 1.3 or ENDOLIGHT® X300 HIGHLIGHT eyeMAX® Endoscopes. Generation LOGIC HD Unrestricted flexibility A selection can be made from a choice of 8 different CCU versions Basic version with HDMI outputs Unique: SDI / HD-SDI / 3G-SDI output module for transmission of 1080p to 3G-SDI PIP = picture in picture input (also 3G-SDI) Anal

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Endocam Logic HD - 11

High quality HD recording High quality HD recording 3G-SDI HD-SDI SDI HDMI Videorouting, OR Matrix 3G-SDI / HD-SDI / SDI S-Video / Composite Standard definition recording USB Satellite transfer 5651051 Digital Color Printer SONY UP-DR80MD 5651926 Color Photo Print Package DIN-A4 UPC-R80MD Always in the picture, always up to date USB-loadable firmware updates allow users to exploit new functions as they become available, quickly and conveniently. Single images can be saved directly to USB media in HD quality. The print function provides high-quality printouts in A4 format with the system...

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Endocam Logic HD - 12

Ordering data Specifications subject to change without notice.

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