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LEVD - 1

New technique in pediatric surgery Laparoscopic Single-channel Varicocele Dissection (LEVD) Technique · Instrument Set · Implementation

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LEVD - 2

PD Dr. med. Ulf Buhligen Leipzig University Hospital Hospital and Clinic for Pediatric Surgery The technique presented below is a new surgical procedure in pediatric surgery. By contrast with previous laparoscopic procedures, the surgeon only uses one port through which the telescope and instrument set can be inserted. A compact Operation Set was created for this innovative method in the course of cooperation between PD Dr. med. Ulf Buhligen and Richard Wolf. Indication Varicocele testis occurs in approximately 5 - 10 % of young children during the growth...

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LEVD - 3

RIGHFIRD fTT^I Instrument set Specially developed bipolar forceps are required for vascular dissection (with appropriate bipolar generator). A bipolar intervention allows a localized current to be applied to a small area and avoids compromising the neighboring structures. The option remains of expanding the intervention by using additional 3.5 mm working trocars and continuing to work with the same instrument set without restrictions. A suction and irrigation function maintains visibility in the surgical field. Result / Assessment The intervention is carried out as an out-patient procedure...

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LEVD - 4

Laparoscopic Single-channel Varicocele Dissection (LEVD) Initial preparation Local application of 2 ml 1 % Carbostesin. The skin incision is a longitudinal incision in the navel (mini-laparotomy). Gas insufflation up to 8 mm Hg is carried out via the 5.5 mm trocar. A 5.5 mm operating laparoscope with integrated 3.5 mm working channel (Richard Wolf) is used. Other access passages and working trocars are not needed. Assessment and positioning The abdomen is assessed, the varicocele side and the opposite side are inspected, the ductus deferens is identified. The patient is positioned slightly...

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LEVD - 5

5. Completion The operation is concluded with complete vessel dissection and visible distance between the vessels. 6. Wound closure We use 3 x 0 Vicryl threads single button to close the peritoneum at the navel. We suture the main wound with 4 x 0 Vicrylrapid threads. We use short tension tapes positioned longitudinally over the wound as a wound dressing. 7. Healing After one week, no scar can be seen.

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LEVD - 6

Laparoscopic Single-channel Varicocele Dissection (LEVD) Fiberoptic telescope with 50.000 pixel image guide for unsurpassed image quality given the overall instrument and channel size Irrigation or insufflation connector Light cable connection 3.5 mm working channel for the use of 3.5 mm standard instrument set Extremely lightweight 5.5 mm plastic trocar sleeve with insufflation connector 50.000 pixel image guide Light fibres 3.5 mm working channel Newly designed bipolar jaw insert: specially offset jaw sections at the distal end provide reliable grip

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LEVD - 7

5.5 mm Surgical Laparoscope Set comprising: Surgical laparoscope with 3.5 mm working channel, 0° viewing direction, silicate image guide (8920.401), seal (8920.311), seal cap (15176.020), working length 215 mm 8920.4011 Reprocessing basket for machine reprocessing and sterilization, Dimensions (W x L x H): 131,5 x 471,5 x 74 mm 38044.211 Self-retaining plastic trocar sleeve, 5.5 mm, WL 105 mm, autoclavable, with insufflation stopcock, incl. membrane valve 89.103 (10 units) 8919.353 For introduction: Trocar, conical with blunt tip 8919.3511 Trocar, conical with sharp tip 8919

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LEVD - 8

Laparoscopic Single-channel Varicocele Dissection (LEVD) Knob attachment All jaw inserts and sheaths can also be combined with ERAGONaxial. Type with lock, without HF without lock, with HF with lock, with HF with lock, without HF, not rotatable Complete instrument • Jaw insert • Sheath • Handle with lock, without HF without lock, with lock, with HF, mono with HF, mono Scissors "Metzenbaum" fine serrated, curved, double-action single-action Grasping and dissecting forceps curved left, double-action Universal grasping forceps 8391209 Specifications subject to change without notice. Hook...

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