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The new definition of sharp endocam logic 4k - 1

Pin-sharp resolution meets clinical versatility

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The new definition of sharp endocam logic 4k - 2

With four times the resolution of regular HD, 4K technology gives sharpness a new meaning. Fine details are more visible. Spatial depth is magnified. And colors are truer. The new ENDOCAM Logic 4K system from Richard Wolf brings the brilliance of 4K to the operating room. See for yourself Richard Wolf presents an impressive turnkey system with the ENDOCAM Logic 4K for application in endoscopy. The harmonized image visualization and processing are entirely optimized to 4K. The result: clear, pin-sharp images in a very realistic color scheme make the difference in endoscopy.

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The new definition of sharp endocam logic 4k - 3

A complete solution from a single source The ENDOCAM Logic 4K provides a continuous chain of intelligent solutions – from the tip of the scope to the high resolution monitor, and everything in between. Brighter and sharper PANOVIEW ULTRA Endoscopes Distortion-free objective lens Ergonomic ENDOCAM Logic 4K camera head Acquisition of 4K UHD resolution from three sensors Innovative ENDOCAM Logic 4K Camera Controller Integrated processing of the recorded image data in 4K UHD resolution Robust fusion light cables For improved illumination Energy efficient ENDOLIGHT LED 2.2 Light Source Extremely...

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The new definition of sharp endocam logic 4k - 4

The ENDOCAM Logic Family, now in 4K The ENDOCAM Logic Platform is a pioneer and trendsetter for groundbreaking new technologies. The ENDOCAM Logic 4K continues this tradition with a large number of impressive characteristics. Brilliant 4K UHD resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels for live Compatible with all user components and camera heads of Integrated Special Imaging Modes (SIM): Digital algorithms for easier tissue differentiation Storage of high-resolution images and videos on USB storage media User-friendly Clinically developed presets for different disciplines Fully integratable in core...

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Compact high-power package The newly developed ENDOCAM Logic 4K Camera Head generates 4K UHD resolution. This enables the recorded image data to be directly processed without extrapolation. This light weight camera head combined with its ergonomic design helps to reduce hand fatigue making it ideal for endoscopic applications. 3 x 1/3 inch CMOS image sensor Aspect ratio 16:9 Universal C-mount lens connector 2 freely programmable camera head buttons Each with two functions Autoclavable, disinfectable and gas sterilizable (V-PROTM 1) Suitable for STERRAD NX, special reprocessing basket...

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Bright. Clear. True.The new high-resolution telescope generation Outstanding results are achieved if the entire image chain has been harmonized from the endoscope to the monitor. This is the case at Richard Wolf - with the PANOVIEW ULTRA Telescopes at the start of the process and an outstanding monitor at the end. The PANOVIEW ULTRA Telescopes offer perfect balance between depth sharpness and luminous intensity: ■ Improved edge sharpness and optimized sharpness gradient Over the entire endoscopic image ■ Advanced high-tech glass fibers With particularly high light transmission ■ Optimum...

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The new definition of sharp endocam logic 4k - 7

Exceptional monitors Brilliant visualization experience The monitors supplied by Richard Wolf are harmonized in-house to match the requirements of ENDOCAM Logic 4K in order to provide ideal reproduction for the fourfold higher resolution of the 4K image: ■ 4K UHD resolution ■ Special presets For outstanding visualization of the ENDOCAM Logic 4K image ■ Easy cleaning With smooth, wipeable front panel ■ Light-intense, anti-glare OptiContrast Panel™ for vibrant and high-contrast images Multiple screen size options Available in 31" and 55"

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The new definition of sharp endocam logic 4k - 8

An important contribution to the outstanding efficiency of the overall system is provided by the illumination: This is why the new Fusion Light Cables now conduct the luminous intensity of the high-power LED light source even better. The High-Power Model ENDOLIGHT LED 2.2 offers a light power comparable with a 300 watt xenon light source. The high level of detail in the visualization of the operating site is achieved by homogenous illumination and harmonized light color: Very long service life For the LED lamp with approximately 30,000 hours Approximately 80 % lower electricity consumption...

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The new definition of sharp endocam logic 4k - 9

More light through Fusion illuminating characteristics Fusion Light Cables are part of high-power systems. They represent simple handling, efficient organization and high retention of asset value. The fused glass fibers on the light-source side ensure 20 % higher transmission. ■ Very high temperature resistance Significantly longer service lifetime Particularly resistant to chemicals Easier handling and lower susceptibility to fiber fracture With improved flexibility and steel anti-kink protection Recommended for 4K systems On account of improved efficiency „I can only say that I am...

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The new definition of sharp endocam logic 4k - 10

Mobile on RIWOmobil Richard Wolf supplies the RIWOmobil Equipment Cart as a compact, multimpact, functional system, which can be individually configured. The 55" 4K monitor is K recommended for assembly on this equipment cart. The 31" 4K Monitor should ideally be mounted on spring arms designed for this gned purpose. Alternatively, it can be attached to a dedicated, mobile roll stand so that it can be used in different operating theaters. We will be delighted to send you detailed information on request. Integrated in core nova The core nova OR Integration System from Richard Wolf impresses...

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Ordering Information Camera controller Light source Objective lenses RIWO Lens, C-mount Fusion Fiber Light Cable (80655030), Fusion Fiber Light Cable (80655035), RIWO Zoom Lens, C-mount PANOVIEW ULTRA Telescope, Ø 10 mm,

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Richard Wolf GmbH Pforzheimer StraBe 32 75438 Knittlingen Germany Managing Directors: Siegfried Karst Jurgen Pfab Jurgen Steinbeck Trade Register: Mannheim HRB 510031 VAT no.: DE 144 521 586 Tax no.: 48020/00171

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