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Sterisafe DURO A3 The intelligent, pioneering solution for sterilization of flexible endoscopes

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The Sterisafe DURO A3 offers a safe storage in a sterile barrier and packaging system in conformity with DIN EN ISO 11607. It is suitable for plasma-, ethylene oxide and formaldehyde sterilization procedures. Thereby, repair and maintenance costs for flexible endoscopes can be reduced. The Sterisafe DURO A3-Set consisting of the Sterisafe DURO A3 and the Toolsafe lattice base. Less is more! User-friendly - maintenance-free - process-safe Less expenditure on personnel, lower disposal and material costs ■ No sterile repackaging required ■ Proven Pasteur's loop eliminates the need for changing...

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The use of translucent, tough, high-performance plastic makes the Sterisafe DURO A3 extremely robust. The Toolsafe lattice base made of silicone offers flexible endoscopes additional safeguard as a result of the specially shaped lattice structure with appropriate positioning aids. Efficient ster iliza tion

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richrrd nrr'i and accessories spirit of excellence (STERRAD, H202), Disposable filter for ethylene oxide (EO) and formaldehyde (FA) sterilization procedure J 611.IX.17.en.2 Specifications subject to change without notice. Richard Wolf GmbH Pforzheimer StraBe 32 75438 Knittlingen, Germany Jurgen Steinbeck Trade Register: Mannheim HRB 510031 VAT no.: DE144521586 Tax no.: 48020/00171

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