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T-L&ch' OSTEOTRANS Bioactive and resorbable tendon anchor

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T-L&ck/ osteotrans - Strength meets efficiency The problem with knees: injuries to the knee joint, most seriously ruptures of the cruciate ligaments are on the increase. The key issue for reconstructions is the method of fixation for the transplant. A small but refined innovation from Richard Wolf opens up new perspectives for efficiency and strength. A safe haven - New anchor for tendon reconstruction The T-Lock Osteotrans tendon anchor is a unique implant for reconstructive orthopedic surgery and sports medicine. The main area of application is femoral fixation of tendon transplants in...

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Size of target drill wire 2. Inside-out drilling □ Positioning of the target drill wire with suitable target instrument through the anteromedial portal. □ Over drilling with cannulated drill. Drill diameter is the same as the transplant diameter. 3. Positioning of the impactor □ Positioning of the cannulated impactor of the same diameter 10 m deep in the femoral channel. □ Stab incision via the femorally drilled target drill. Size determination of cannulated impactor Size determination of cannulated drill

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Size determination of cannulated stage impactor 5. Impacting the drill channel □ Impacting a stage impactor from outside via the drill hole wire until the top of the stage impactor is visible in the joint. The impactor positioned in the drill channel is knocked back in this process. Note: A bottle-neck shaped femoral channel is created. □ Drawing the transplant into the femoral channel from proximally to distally until the T-Lock Osteotrans tendon anchor is pressed in close to the joint. □ Conditioning of the transplant by moving the knee many times from maximum extension to flexion with...

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Maximum stability □ Very high pull-out strength 1300 N Maximum speed □ Easy, time-saving transplant and implant dissection Maximum conservation □ Only the semitendinosus tendon has to be removed to prepare a 4-way transplant for the ACL / PCL reconstruction Conforms to current state of the art □ Fixation close to the joint □ Ideal for single-bundle and twin-bundle reconstruction of the cruciate ligaments Similar to bone □ Made of Osteotrans, bioresorbable composite material with high mechanical strength

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T- L&ck/ OSTEOTRANS Bioactive in action spirit of excellence Osteotrans - brings back the bone: Remodeling process - from implant to bone: Innovative, new composite material: The special composition gives Osteotrans its bioactivity and good resorbability. □ 70 % PLLA (poly-L-lactide) □ 30 % uHA (unsintered hydroxylapatite as microparticles) □ Outstanding material properties generated through special manufacturing process. □ Controlled bioactivity - osteoconductive. The uHA particles are broken down directly by osteoclasts and hence conduct the surrounding bony structures into the surface of...

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