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Last Name HDTV Recording Technology

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VictOR Video Image Capture Technology in your OR Just imagine that you have a documentation system that immediately gives you High Denition images of endoscopic work with a few simple touches, operates flexibly with different image sources and saves valuable time. That’s VictOR HD: The standalone solution for all endoscopic documentation functions in the operating room – intuitive, simple and fast. VictOR HD closes the digital image chain in HDTV quality! HDTV-ENDOCAM®, HDTV monitors and HDTV documentation. 1080p Mobile and plug-and-play system: VictOR HD as a standalone solution on a video...

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VictOR HD – Simply easy ... Convenient operation on the big touchscreen makes recording easy for the team. The touchscreen is simply positioned where it can be most easily reached. Other documentation systems that are operated from the front of the unit on the video trolly may not be easily accessible and could be completely blocked due to the position of the patient in the sterile area. The intuitive touchscreen display is streamlined and focuses on essentials. As you might expect, the work- flow for complete documentation is straightforward. Learning to use the simple control panel is...

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VictOR HD – Simply brilliant ... The integrated Blu-ray recorder permits copies to be made to the latest HDTV medium Blu-ray Disc and DVD ideal for handing on to patients or for making back-up copies. Brilliant image quality thanks to the latest HD technology. VictOR HD compresses videos of HDTV images with highly efcient H.264 Codec (MPEG4). Easy editing option permits fast and easy installation of high-quality images in presentations and lectures. Screenshots can be taken from HD videos and HD videos can be edited there and then to highlight essential features. Input of patient data on...

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... simply ideal VictOR HD is a system that provides a perfect t in HDTV with the ENDOCAM® 5550 and in Medical HD with the ENDOCAM® 5509 from Richard Wolf. ... simply flexible Two HD image sources can be displayed and recorded. This makes VictOR HD also compatible with other endoscopy cameras or other High Denition image sources in the operating room. The user can easily switch between the desired HD sources while endoscopy is taking place. ... simply future-proof VictOR HD is compatible with the two common HDTV standards used in endoscopy: HD-SDI and DVI. HDTV videos can also be recorded...

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Printed on paper based on cellulose which has been bleached without the use of chlorine. Specications subject to change without notice. Accessories: The most compact solution is storage on USB sticks. However, the unit can also be connected to a USB hard drive. Data from large numbers of patients and complete operations are transferred directly on the external hard drive in real time. RICHARD WOLF GmbH · 75434 Knittlingen · PF 1164 · Phone +49 7043 - 35-0 · Fax +49 7043 - 3 53 00 · GERMANY · · AUSTRIA BELGIUM / NETHERLANDS

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