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Pulse volume Medium

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BP-SiM NIBP Simulator - 2

Tried. Tested. Trusted. Introducing a new hand-held non invasive blood pressure simulator for the fast and accurate testing of all NIBP monitors. The new Rigel BP-Sim incorporates a range of custom settings that include a variety of paediatric and adult NIBP pressures, pulse volume adjustments, heart rate and manufacturer-specific envelopes, referred to as O-curves. ■ Portable and Lightweight Ideal for field service technicians and insitu testing of NIBP performance The Rigel BP-Sim is the first hand-held supplied by Rigel Medical, part of the ■ Battery Operated For convenient and fast...

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BP-SiM NIBP Simulator - 3

Tried. Tested. Trusted. customised Thermal PASS / FAIL Labels to be printed. The benefits of using the Test ‘n’ Tag printer are: BP-Sim using the Bluetooth connection. Use your BP-Sim during functional testing to collect not only the electrical safety test record but also the performance of the ■ Tough and durable labels Medical Device. The complete PPM in one ■ Resistant to most solvents used in the single record. medical sector ■ Opportunity to advertise your logo Furthermore, the software allows you to produce certificates and print or email them ■ Verify the correct performance of NIBP...

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BP-SiM NIBP Simulator - 4

Tried. Tested. Trusted. convenience of a larger bench-mounted Bluetooth communication, asset simulator. Today’s industry demands test management facilities, user configurable equipment that can save time and cost, thus performance tests and more. offering greater flexibility. These factors have We believe that the new BP-Sim is set to all been taken into account during the become the new standard in NIBP development of the BP-Sim. The test performance Testing. capabilities and functionality exceed that of most common NIBP Simulator yet the instrument is only a fraction of the size and...

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BP-SiM NIBP Simulator - 5

Tried. Tested. Trusted. SPECIFICATIONS Also available Technical Specifications From Rigel Medical Envelopes (O-curves) TBC, updates available through www.rigelmedical.com T connection into Cuff and monitor Pulse Volume High, Medium, Low, paediatric Heart rate Integrated Pump 0 to 350 mmHg user configurable Leak test user configurable between 0-350mmHg configurable upto 999 secs Digital Manometer Pressure Units mmHg, inHg, kg/cm2, cmH2O, mBar, PSI, inH2O and kPa Rigel 266 Plus Manual Safety Analyser Rigel 277 Plus Automatic Safety Analyser Rigel 288 Hand - held Safety Analyser Rigel SP-Sim...

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