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FlowAnalyser PRO Premium Gas Flow Analyzer The FlowAnalyser PRO, with ultimate performance and configurability, enables a wide range of professionals to push the limits of what is possible. Thanks to its extreme precision and reliability, the FlowAnalyser PRO is capable of testing a wide range of medical devices such as respiratory and anesthesia devices, oxygen flow meters, pressure gauges and suction devices. Automatic Breath Detection Ultra-Low Flow Flow, Pressure, Oxygen, Temperature, Humidity Features • Automatic Breath Detection Lightweight Portability Highest Flow Accuracy Ultra-Low Flow Measurement I ntegrated Apps with Guided Test Sequences Fast Sampling Rate of 1000 Hz Premium Platform for Future Updates Pressure & Vacuum Measurements Swiss Quality and Precision High Resolution Multi-touch Display

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Direct Access Easy to Use Interface The FlowAnalyser PRO offers a beautiful, high resolution multitouch user interface that is completely configurable. Apps with Test Sequences Run tests easier and faster with our apps. The FlowAnalyser PRO ventilator tester supports you with apps for testing and calibrating many devices. The apps enable safe and fast testing. Entire test sequences are displayed with images and texts and measured automatically. The test results are recorded in a PDF report, which can be signed directly on the screen. Versatility Tests a wide range of medical devices such as...

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FlowAnalyser PRO - 3

swiss made Quality & Reporting • FlowLab PC Software Reporting Tool Test Sequence Editor Data Recording Reporting Software MultiGasAnalyser OR-703 Smallest multi-gas sensor in the world. FlowAnalyser PRO, in combination with the MultiGasAnalyser, offers the best and easiest solution for testing anesthesia devices. The MultiGasAnalyser OR-703, paired with the Flow Analyser PRO, can measure CO2, N2O, Halothane, Enflurane, Isoflurane, Sevoflurane and Desflurane. Biomedical Test-Set “Ventilation” FlowAnalyser PF-300 PRO Biomedical Test-Set “Ventilation & Anaesthesia” FlowAnalyser PF-300 PRO...

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Technical Specification FlowAnalyser PF-300 PRO Flow and pressure measurements Measuring direction Temperature compensated Humidity compensated Ultra-Low Flow High Pressure & Vacuum (PHigh) Differential Pressure (PDiff) Pressure Pressure compensated Flow Pressure in Flow Channel (PChannel) Atmospheric Pressure (PAtmo) Units Low Differential Pressure (PDiff Low) Additional measurements Oxygen bar, mbar, cmH2O, inH2O, Torr, inHg, hPa, kPa, mmHg, PSI Range Pressure compensated Concentration (with optional OR-703) Concentration (with optional OR-703) Concentration (with optional OR-703)...

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