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World class biomedical testing solutions for healthcare environments. Passionate about patient safety.

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Passionate about patient safety. Introducing Rigel Medical... Making our world a safer place. Every. Single. Day. Rigel Medical are renowned globally as a designer and manufacturer of reliable, portable and compact biomedical test equipment. As metrology specialists, for almost four decades our innovative testing solutions have been mitigating risk worldwide in healthcare environments. Our products ensure that critical medical equipment is safe to use throughout the device’s life-cycle. High standards of quality and a dedication to excellence are at the heart of our unique end-to-end...

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Passionate about patient safety. Contents Introducing Rigel Medical The complete biomedical safety testing package 6 Tested, trusted... worldwide World class biomedical testing solutions Service & calibration Electrical safety analyzers Available plug & socket types Performance analyzers Vital signs simulators Med-eBase 28 Accessories 29 Education, education, education...

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Passionate about patient safety. The complete biomedical safety & performance testing package... At Rigel Medical you will find the complete package of cutting edge technology... and everything that goes with it. Our portfolio of trusted electrical safety analyzers, vital signs simulators, performance analyzers and ventilator analyzers are portable, ergonomic and reliable. Expediting workflow, fulfilling compliance requirements, reducing test times and increasing productivity. But that’s not the full story, every one of our innovative test solutions comes with a full package of advice and...

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Passionate about patient safety. Tested, trusted... worldwide. We are proud to deliver premium biomedical test equipment to customers across the world who share our appreciation of quality and our commitment to patient safety. GLOBAL SERVICE CENTRES OPERATING LOCATIONS Florida, USA For many years, we have been establishing worldwide subsidiaries and a broad sales and service network. They offer a high level of quality and customer satisfaction with their services and expertise. DISTRIBUTION PARTNERS

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Passionate about patient safety. World class biomedical testing solutions for healthcare environments... Whether you’re a manufacturer of electrical medical equipment, a biomedical engineer or a healthcare technician working in a clinical engineering setting - we have a test solution for you. Electrical Safety Analyzers International standards and compliance are at the heart of all our products. Our electrical safety analyzer range is synonymous around the world as the “go-todevices” to ensure the electrical safety of medical equipment. They save lives. Vital Signs Simulators Accurate...

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Passionate about patient safety. Service & calibration... At Rigel Medical, we know how important it is to ensure the accuracy and reliability of your biomedical test equipment, so our support doesn’t end with a purchase. We help you to take care of your test and measurement equipment, ensuring all your calibration, service and repair requirements are met. Our global network of ISO 17025 accredited service centres help us to maintain fast turnaround times. Many offer on-site capabilities, providing service, maintenance, calibration, repair and spare parts so you get your equipment back in...

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Passionate about patient safety. Rigel 288+ Accurate and fast electrical safety tester. Electrical Safety Analyzers Ensuring patient and operator safety with world-leading portable test solutions. The Rigel 288+ is the first truly handheld medical electrical safety tester to combine the features of an automatic / manual tester with data logging and asset management capability. Operation is through a menu driven GUI. A 5,000 record memory and Bluetooth connectivity make this an effective mobile unit. Features include: • Light, handheld, battery operation* • onforms to IEC 62353 / 60601 / VDE...

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Passionate about patient safety. Accurate and fast electrical safety tester. A robust medical safety analyzer. The 62353+ is a cost-effective automatic safety analyzer dedicated to the IEC 62353 standard for electrical safety testing of medical devices. Offers automatic test sequences, data storage, and PC download capabilities. The SafeTest 50 is a robust and reliable medical safety analyzer, ideal for testing high volumes of medical and laboratory equipment that does not need patient lead testing. With a colour-coded user interface, it’s easy to select the required tests with a single key...

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Passionate about patient safety. Voltage input Insulation test Patient Leads • step-through of test routines with Fast minimised power breaks Single Fault Conditions • Manual control of fault conditions Mains on applied part Pass/fail limits Point to point measurement Battery operation Customisable test sequences Secondary Ground Alert TN/IT detection Compatible with Med-ebase software A robust medical safety analyzer. The SafeTest 99 is a compact and reliable electrical safety analyzer which allows you to carry out patient lead leakage testing in accordance with NFPA-99. It features...

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Passionate about patient safety. Plug & socket types available Our electrical safety analyzers are trusted by biomedical and calibration professionals worldwide and are available in a number of different plug and socket types. Plug/Socket Type Type B Type E Type F Type G Type I Type J Type K Type M

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Passionate about patient safety. Multi-Flo Market leading infusion pump analyzer. The market defining Multi-Flo infusion pump analyzer is a portable instrument to accurately and swiftly verify the performance of all infusion devices. Offering instantaneous flow and available in 1, 2 and 4 individual channel configurations. Performance Analyzers Features include: The confidence your medical equipment is meeting specifications. • 60601-2-24 compliant IEC • Instant flow and pressure • Compatible with all infusion devices • On-screen flow graphs • On-board data storage Find out more at:...

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