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Printers and Barcode Scanners Increase productivity of your test process with our range of tough, portable label printers and barcode scanners. Download test results and asset information directly from the tester and print labels in seconds, for improved traceability. Key Features ■ Rugged Design ■ Portable ■ Long battery life ■ Bluetooth connectivity ■ Small 52 x 25mm labels available - ideal for small areas such as plug tops ■ Compatible with Rigel Medical testers Test n Tag Elite 2 An extremely rugged battery powered mobile printer which prints durable synthetic asset labels. Long battery life and high impact resistance make it ideal for use in the field, whatever the environment. It has a high speed processor and large memory for quick and efficient processing of complex labels, graphics and fonts using Bluetooth wireless technology. Supplied With ■ Battery charger ■ Battery pack ■ Belt clip ■ Label roll Compatibility ■ Apollo 600 ■ Apollo 500 ■ Apollo 400 (with 52 x 25mm labels only) ■ PrimeTest 350 (with 52 x 74mm labels only) (firmware update required) ■ Rigel 288+ (with 52 x 74mm labels only) (firmware update required) ■ Rigel UNI-SiM (with 52 x 74mm labels only) (firmware update required) Dimensions: (W x H x D) 120 x 150 x 62mm Weight: 631g (including battery) Part numbers: 339A989 (supplied with 52 x 74mm labels) 339A995 (supplied with 52 x 25mm labels) Labels ■ Label roll (approx. 130 off 52 x 74mm labels) Part number: 339A946 ■ Label roll. Only compatible with Apollo series testers (approx. 350 off 52 x 25mm labels) Part number: 339A947 ■ Paper roll x 5 (for results printing) Part number: 339A949 IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please be aware that use of non-Seaward approved labels Te|: +44 (0) 191 587 8741 can prematurely wear the print heads and so will void your Seaward printer warranty. Emai|: sales@seaward.c°.

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Printers and Scanners - 2

The Test n Tag Pro prints durable synthetic asset labels which can include barcode, asset number, test date, next test date, user name and test status (dependent on which tester is being used). It can be used with a rechargeable battery pack or primary cells and is ideal for use with the Apollo series testers via Bluetooth, PrimeTest 250+ via serial cable, or manual testers via the PATMobile Android app. Key Features ■ Lightweight and Portable ■ Small 52 x 25mm labels available - ideal for small areas such as plug tops ■ Cost-effective - low start up cost ■ Can be used with rechargeable...

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Printers and Scanners - 3

SEAWARD Desk Test n Tag A desktop thermal transfer printer for long-lasting labels, available in different colours and sizes to suit your application. The printer automatically produces test tags that display test results, equipment identification, date of test, barcode ID and can be easily customised to add your own company logo, address and website. The automatic tag system produces synthetic, durable tags that are printed immediately after test. To give you complete flexibility, duplicate tags can also be printed for attachment to contracts etc. Key Features ■ High-quality, durable and...

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Printers and Scanners - 4

SEAWARD Bluetooth Barcode Scanner A portable asset label ID laser scanner with Bluetooth interface. It is extremely compact and lightweight, making it ideal for mobile applications. USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Reads 1D barcode formats code 39, code 93 & code 128. Key Features ■ Lightweight & portable ■ Wireless Bluetooth connectivity ■ Compatible with Apollo series of testers ■ Compatible with Rigel Medical testers Compatibility ■ Apollo 600 ■ Apollo 500 ■ Apollo 400 ■ PrimeTest 350 ■ PrimeTest 300 ■ Rigel 288+ ■ Rigel UNI-SiM Dimensions: (W x H x D) 30 x 60 x 14mm Weight:...

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Printers and Scanners - 5

SEAWARD Printer and scanner compatibility Supernova Elite Rigel UNI-SiM 3t 3t *Android only tWith results only paper roll. Results only paper roll can be used with Test n Tag Pro Serial/Bluetooth and Test n Tag Elite models - must be purchased separately.

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SEAWARD Printer label compatibility SEAWARD GROUP

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