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■ Electrical Safety Analyzers ■ Vital Signs Simulators ■ Performance Analyzers ■ Asset Management Software ■ Med-eKit Solutions ■ Service & Maintenance Plans Innovating Together Innovating together produces better biomedical test solutions.

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Your ideas are at the heart of our product development. Thanks to experts like you, producing the world’s leading biomedical equipment is much easier. Your hands-on experience with test equipment provides you with invaluable insight. And you know exactly what you need and what would make your work easier. Only you can give us the vital feedback and original ideas that enable us to innovate constantly and give us our edge of excellence. For generations we’ve been making biomedical test and measurement instruments for medical physics staff, biomedical service engineers and medical equipment...

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Electrical Safety Analyzers Rigel leads the world with decades of pioneering design and innovation. From full IEC 60601 compliant instruments with constant 25A test current to small and handy analyzers that can be carried easily into the field. Thanks to customer input, the Rigel 288 electrical safety analyzer has become the first choice of many and a leading electrical safety analyzer in its market sector. Rigel’s pioneering design enabled a reduction in size by 80% compared to conventional testers, making the Rigel 288 the most compact and lightweight automatic electrical safety analyzer...

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Innovating Together Rigel 288 Electrical Safety Analyzer Rigel 277 Plus Electrical Safety Analyzer Rigel 266 Plus Electrical Safety Analyzer Rigel 62353 Electrical Safety Analyzer The 288 is the first truly hand-held medical electrical safety tester to combine the features of an automatic/manual tester with a data logging/asset management facility. Control is through a menu driven GUI. A large data memory and bluetooth facility make this an effective mobile unit. The Rigel 277 Plus is a fully comprehensive electrical medical safety analyzer used within the widest possible range of...

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Vital Signs Simulators Budgets today sometimes prevent the purchase of equipment that, in the long run, would give a number of practical advantages. ECG patient simulators are a good example. Users reported that they were saddled with ECG patient simulators and unable to justify the purchase of separate NIBP and SpO2 simulators. Your feedback told us that the size and weight of these three simulators might be something of a struggle to carry and operate. We identified the tests that you needed to carry out and combined those functions into a single device. At the same time, we utilized new...

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Innovating Together Rigel UNI-SIM Vital Signs Simulator Rigel BP-SIM NIBP Simulator Rigel SP-SIM SpO2 Simulator Rigel 333 Patient Simulator The world’s first combined, fully functional NIBP, SpO2 and Patient Simulator in a single hand-held unit. Extremely accurate and featuring full synchronized functionality. A breakthrough in the way safety testing is implemented, the UNI-Sim saves time and money, as well as simplifying the testing process. The first hand-held NIBP simulator to incorporate custom settings, including pediatric and adult NIBP pressure simulations, pulse volume adjustments,...

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Performance Analyzers With the help of our customers and with portability, traceability and efficiency at the heart of our design philosophy, we have developed a dedicated world-leading range of performance analyzers. These products feature built-in automation and onboard data storage as standard, meaning test equipment can be brought into the patient environment, speeding up the test process and reducing the downtime of medical 7 equipment. Rigel’s enhanced range of performance analyzers includes an electrosurgical analyzer; a new defibrillator analyzer and a new infusion pump analyzer....

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Innovating Together Rigel Uni-Pulse Defibrillator Analyzer Rigel Multi-Flo Infusion Pump Analyzer Rigel Uni-Therm Electrosurgical Analyzer The innovative Rigel Uni-Pulse defibrillator analyzer is the most compact and versatile instrument on the market, able to accurately verify all mono- and bi-phasic defibrillators and AED's. Features include: onscreen waveform capture, built-in 12-lead ECG simulator, onboard memory and optional variable load box ensuring the Rigel Uni-Pulse meets all the requirements of IEC 60601-2-4. The market defining Rigel Multi-Flo infusion pump analyzer is a...

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Asset Management Software You saw database management and work order schedules as a major benefit, as they lead to fast, efficient test device configuration. You asked for time and money-saving software to provide monthly schedule tests you could upload to your testers for easy re-test. You also wanted preventative maintenance which analyzed and compared results and which also sent you an alarm when devices could be deteriorating or needed to be replaced. 9 And you asked for test certificate software customizable for details and logos in PDF format. So we created Med-eBase software which...

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Innovating Together Database Management & Scheduling You saw proper database management and the scheduling of work orders as being of huge importance. Med-Base was designed with this in mind. The result meant a significant increase in the efficiency and speed of our test devices. Retesting is also much easier. Comparison Alerts Med-eBase lets you analyze test data based on pre-set conditions. Comparison alerts can be set when you’re downloading. This gives you a quick overview of the downloaded assets and an indication of which assets need attention because of leakage or a change in...

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Med-eKit Solutions Med-eKit Getting multiple pieces of heavy equipment to test sites was one of the struggles you complained about most. So our design department came up with various wheeled solutions. It seems obvious enough but what they’ve done is make them flexible, allowing customized configurations: you tell us what you want and we’ll build it for you. Just contact us by email or phone and we’ll match your requirements with one of the following solutions. Alternatively, visit our online Med-eKit configurator at www.rigelmedical.com/med-ekit 11 T BESION INNOVAT stomers Voted by Rigel cu

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