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Uni-Pulse - 2

Innovating Together Uni-Pulse Defibrillator Analyser The Rigel Uni-Pulse is a portable and battery operated defibrillator analyser, designed to safely test the performance of all mono- and bi-phasic, standard and pulsating waveforms and AED applications. Control of the Rigel Uni-Pulse is through a menu driven colour GUI. The Rigel Uni-Pulse is able to measure and display the following parameters; I Energy Discharge (including peak 1. Energy (peak voltage, peak current, pulse duration) 2. Cardiac Synchronisation Time voltage, peak current and pulse duration) I Cardiac Synchronisation Time I...

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Uni-Pulse - 3

Innovating Together Charge time the operation of the Uni-Pulse is easy to follow, This test records the recovery time of battery reduces the requirement for training and aids the operated defibrillators and is a requirement from customer’s ownership. IEC 60601-2-4. The standard requires the defib to be able to perform 10 full tests at maximum Intuitive User Interface energy and measure the charge time at the 10th The operation of the Rigel Uni-Pulse requires the charge cycle. The battery should be such that minimum of key presses to aid the reduction of its capability is the charge to...

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Uni-Pulse - 4

Innovating Together SPECIFICATIONS Also available Serviceability Warranty: Calibration internal: 2 Years (when calibrated at Seaward) 1 Years Environmental Operating Storage environment Environmental Protection Safety Electrical: Manufacturer’s Certification EMC: Test Specification Energy Measurement Load Resistance: Range (Low): Resolution: Accuracy: Range (High): Accuracy: Voltage: Maximum Current: Sampling rate 50 Ohms ± 1% non inductive 0 – 199.9 Joules. 0.1 Joules. ± 1% of Reading ± 0.1 Joule. 200- 600 Joules. ± 1% of the Reading ± 1 Joules. 0-6000 volts 0-120 Amp, 100kHz sample...

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Uni-Pulse - 5

Innovating Together Also available Performance waveforms Sine, Square, Triangle, and Pulse Pacer Waveforms Synchronous Atrial, Asynchronous Atrial Pacer Only Pacer Pulse rate 60 BPM, Ventricular Pacer rate 70 BPM, Atrial & Ventricular Pacer Heart rate 70 BPM, R Wave Detection Arrhythmia Waveforms Atrial Sinus Arrhythmia (SA), Missing beat, Atrial Flutter (AFLT), Atrial Fibrillation (AFB), Paroxysmal Atrial Tachycardia (PAT), Junctional Premature Contraction Atrial Conduction First Degree AV Block, Second Degree AV Block - Mobitz I, Second Degree AV Block - Mobitz II, Third Degree AV Block,...

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Uni-Pulse - 6

Innovating Together Storage and Recall Memory Output Available accessories Internal minim of 4MB or at least 1000 tests plus graphs CSV and SSS format Temperature Operating Storage colour graphic display ¼” VGA Barcode Scanners Speed up your testing procedures and reduce data entry errors with a dedicated range of barcode scanners. Simply “scan and test” with Rigel’s range of barcode scanners. Compatible with all conventional barcode systems, the scanners are available in Bluetooth & battery operation or RS232 variants. Weight Test n Tag Elite Rigel Medical offer a unique range of printers...

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