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Laser Therapy RJ

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Natural healing with laser energy Laser Therapy

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RJ-Laser devices cover the whole area of LLLT/HLLT and offer a successful diagnosis and therapy for the beginner and advanced practitioner. RJ-Laser devices are made for application to individual points, reflectory therapy and for the treatment of larger areas, deep tissue layers. Lasers for biomodulation (LLLT and HLLT) Generally, these lasers belong to class 3B (cw and pulsed/superpulsed) but can also be class 4 (with wide beam as the LightStream). The natural and holistic way RJ Low level laser (LLLT) and high level laser (HLLT) devices are used for non-invasive diagnosis and therapy,...

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The RJ-LASER concept is based on more than 35 years of experience in laser research, development and production of innovative medical laser devices for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. RJ laser devices1 stand out due to their many features, modern ergonomic design, and high level of efficiency. RJ has the professionell solution Laser for diagnosis and therapy, for every area of application, cl. 3B and cl. 4, in almost every price range. All RJ laser devices are subject to a full two year quality warranty.

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RJ-LASER - Advantages RJ laser devices utilize the latest hardware and software technology. As a result the RJ laser devices are compact, portable and with an almost unlimited range of functions, as well as high level of power and frequency precision. Depending on the model, RJ laser devices are programmable and offer preset therapy programs. You can even configure your individual therapy settings depending on pathology and individual protocols. An extensive frequency memory facilitates you to apply the latest research results to your course of therapy. Enjoy relaxing therapy, because the...

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Intelligent therapy software RJ Laser devices work with intelligent therapy software to provide easy operation, the highest precision and safety and bio-functional therapy information, giving you the flexibility to upgrade or to apply the latest research results to your therapy.  Free programmable, individual protocols  Continuous beam, universal frequency range  Nogier/Bahr/Reininger/Scholtes bio-frequency system  Frequencies of chakras (BAHR)  Meridian frequencies (Li, St, He, Ci, Li, Gb, Ki, Bl, Pa, 3H, Si, Lu)  Many therapy programs With just one hand on the device, you can select...

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Analysis of the organ points in the ear (RAC) Organ representations In acupuncture specific points and zones in the ear represent e.g. internal organs. According to NOGIER the RAC pulse for these points indicate the condition of the corresponding organ or body part. Frequency diagnosis: The pre-programmed frequencies enable you to make a (RAC) diagnosis according to NOGIER (pulse controlled, energetic diagnosis and therapy).

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LaserPen with optional applicators, point and lense applicator. The LaserPen is a modern high-end laser using the latest technology. It is programmable and offers NOGIER/BAHR/REININGER meridian and chakra frequencies. The LaserPen is available with superpulse 90 W/904 nm GaAs (pulse width 200 nsec.) and as a cw laser with the range of 50-500 mW/810 nm or other wavelengths e.g. 638 nm, 785 nm. The LaserPen is available in two versions to meet your budget and therapy requirements: 1. practice version (basic) 2. expert version (comprehensive functions). Delivery contents: Main unit, power...

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Class IV High Powered Laser Stationary laser Control unit LightStream | Class IV High Powered Laser LightStream | High Power is an innovative class 4 therapy laser and offers up to 15 W laser power, so-called HLLT (High Level Laser Therapy). The therapy with the LightStream works tremendously fast and deeply penetrating. It can be used for any indication in the field of biomodulation/biostimulation. The therapy with the LightStream is non-invasive, gentle, relaxing and refreshing. During the treatment the patient feels an intensive deep warming sensation, a biological “flooding of light”...

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LightStream consists of a central control unit plus a stationary laser device with four wavelengths transmitted via fiber optics or a mobile laser with one wavelength. The communication between control unit and laser works with bluetooth. LightStream is fully programmable, the “wave version” has optimized application programs and a complete range of proven biofrequencies (NOGIER / BAHR / REININGER / Scholtes etc.), individual protocols.

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The “optical window” = optimal penetration depth The LightStream HighPower has three therapeutically proven wavelengths, 670 nm, 808 nm, 915 nm. The wavelengths are in an “optical window” for optimal penetration depth (lowest absorption of water, hemoglobin, water and melanin). Therapeutically effective wavelengths The selection and combination of the special wavelengths are the foundation for the therapeutic success. All relevant tissue layers are achieved because the area of the visible red spectrum has a tendency to upper tissue layers and the non-visible infrared region tends somewhat...

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Power in abundance The high performance of the LightStream High power allows short treatment times and ensures sufficient energy supply for photobiomodulation even in deep tissue coatings. Large areas of the body can also be treated simply by increasing the distance between the handpiece and the skin. Modulation, programs, favourites, treatment plans, skin test Technical parameters such as performance, modulation, pulse width and many more are pre-programmed or freely programmable to ensure individualized therapy. It is also worth mentioning the patient-specific design of treatment plans,...

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Physiolaser olympic Physiolaser olympic - the modular premium laser system - The fully programmable Physiolaser olympic is a high-end laser that offers everything you need for comprehensive therapy and diagnosis. The range of functions in this compact package makes it the worldwide leading system. - single and multi-cluster probes (LLLT and MLLT) - LightNeedle module (6 or 12 channels with fiber optics) - scanning head (Satellite) - diagnostic module (body acupuncture, points in the ear) - Therapy programs, individual protocols and many more The special laser output with precision lense for...

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