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With over 70 years of history Robuschi are capable of combining, in the best possible manner, their experience with the most advanced of technological innovations. At the beginning in 1941, their main activity was the repair of centrifugal pumps that were mainly used in agriculture. Their production, design and financial growth commenced between the 60s and the 80s. In fact, they have established themselves at a national and international level with the production of the 3 product lines: chemical and industrial centrifugal pumps; channel pumps for waste water; liquid ring vacuum pumps; low...

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BLOWERS RANGE PRESSURE-VACUUM OPERATION (from +1,000 to -500 mbar) LOBE BLOWERS Low pressure 3 lobe rotary blower with patented system, LOW PULSE, to eliminate pressure and delivery pulsation. page 3 BLOWER UNIT Compact low pressure compression unit with RBS lobe blower. page 5 TABLE TOP BLOWER PACKAGE Traditional low pressure compression unit with RBS lobe blower. page 9 ROBOX evolution BIOGAS - CRBIO BLOWER UNIT - BIOGAS APPLICATION Compact package (ROBOX evolution BIOGAS) and skid assembled version (CRBIO) for the conveying and compression of BIOGAS. page 10 VACUUM OPERATION (up to 100...

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Blowers - 5

Pressure - vacuum blowers RBS is the innovative positive displacement with 3 special profile lobes that, combined with a new configuration of the LOWPULSE system, reduces the residual pressure pulsation of the conveyed gas below 2% of the operating pressure. Strong and silent: helical tooth synchronising gear with ground surfaces and involute profile. Safety: the perfect operation of the gears is guaranteed by the oil splash lubrication system with discs coupled to the drive shaft. Reliability and efficacy: the gas seal on the rotor shafts is guaranteed by a labyrinth seal coupled to oil...

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BLOWER WITH SPECIAL COATING The blower is equipped with two cooling coils that keep the oil temperature below 100°C in all operating conditions. This version is recommended when the gas discharge temperature exceeds 140°C. Available only from the RBS 75 size in the vertical version - V. Two types of coating are available for parts in contact with the conveyed liquid (casing, sides and rotors) when aggressive: • Synthetic resin based: prevents the contamination of part from the conveyed gas. • Nickel and phosphorus alloy: prevents the chemical aggression of parts from the conveyed gas....

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Pressure - vacuum blowers ROBOX evolution is an integrated compression unit designed to convey gas at low pressure, based on the RBS lobe positive displacement rotary lobe blower, operated by an electric motor through a special belt drive, including all accessories and noise enclosure. The complete range of Robuschi blower units includes RBS blower sizes from 15 to 165, all with the innovative characteristics of the ROBOX evolution compression unit. Easy oil change: the oil is changed from outside the noise enclosure by means of two tanks, one for each oil sump. The consequent drain of...

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C O M PA C T ROBOX evolution has reduced dimensions and limited overall sizes. For this reason several ROBOX evolution can be placed side by side thereby significantly reducing the space they require and therefore the dimensions of the blower room, thus also decreasing system costs. SIMPLE INSPECTION ROBOX evolution allows maintenance operations to be carried out in an even easier and effortless: • simplified access: all maintenance operations are performed from the front with the removal of the front panel or panels and/or the opening of the upper panel with gas springs; • effortless...

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Pressure - vacuum blowers ROBOX evolution offers cutting edge technology as for silent operation of low pressure compression unit. The emitted sound level is in fact 7 dB(A) lower than the previous series, in all operating conditions, a result obtained thanks to a combination of innovative components: • Robuschi RBS blower: equipped with a special device to eliminate the flow pulsation induced by the compression; • SPF inlet silencer: consisting of a patented interference device to eliminate the sound pressure generated at the inlet and adjustable according to the blower speed; • discharge...

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Pressure - vacuum blowers VA LV E S R V P - R V V (standard) RVP: Direct relief valve for pressure operation. RVV: Direct relief valve for vacuum operation. V S M (optional) this valve allows to start the group with a low absorbed power when the blower is started with a static back pressure (e.g. in waste water treatment plants). The starting time is adjusted by means of a special screw.The VSM valve is also equipped with a special pilot valve, PSM, fitted on the lid, which also makes it work as a relief valve in pressure with a maximum over pressure 5% lower than the setting pressure....

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