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COBAS, COBAS B, COBAS H, COBAS BGE LINK, COBAS INTEGRA, LIGHTCYCLER, SEPTIFAST, URISYS, ACCU-CHEK, COAGUCHEK, and LIFE NEEDS ANSWERS are trademarks of Roche. Roche Diagnostics International Ltd Focus on what matters Life needs answers

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cobas b 123 POC system Simplicity • Intuitive graphical user interface – Presents all analyzer status information, in a format which is easy to understand and interact with • Graphically guided sampling and consumable changes – Allows users to run samples and manage consumable changes, with minimal training and risk of errors • 1 & Done – No preventative maintenance. All t ­ raditional routine maintenance parts are contained in the fluid pack • Low training need – With graphical guidance and intuitive workflows, it only takes a few minutes to train new users • Smart chip technology –...

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cobas b 123 POC system Peace of mind “The acid-base mapping and patient trending functionality assists the healthcare professional in making effective decisions on the management of critically ill patients.” • Comprehensive clot protection – Eliminating the risk of analyzer downtime, due to clots • Operator Lock-out – Only trained users are allowed to have access to the instrument, reducing the risk of errors and analyzer downtime • Levels of access – Certain specially trained users can perform advanced functions on the analyzer. e.g. change consumables, check QC results or manage new users...

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“With the cobas POC IT solutions ­ ackage p you can easily manage your cobas POC a ­ nalyzers and all operators from your desk” cobas bge link software Like standing in front of your blood gas analyzer through screen sharing • Complete remote management, control & ­troubleshooting • Multi-site and multi-analyzer management • A single source for viewing all cobas blood gas ­analyzer data • User friendly and intuitive • Clear graphical layout Fulfilling your testing needs no matter where Main Site cobas POC IT solutions cobas IT 1000 application cobas bge link software cobas academy Remote...

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cobas b 123 POC system Flexibility • Mobile cart – Allowing you to take your blood gas and electrolyte testing to where it is needed most • Compact flash card – Prevents data loss, in the event that an analyzer should crash. Swap the c ­ ompact flash card and the data is mirrored on the new analyzer • Transferable consumables – Reducing waste of tests and offering flexibility in inventory management, by swapping consumables between instruments • Broad parameter panel – Meeting the varying parameter combinations needed by different departments around your hospital • Different sensor &...

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Four sensor configurations: • BG1 + Hct • BG + Hct + Electrolytes2 • BG + Hct + Electrolytes + Glu • BG + Hct + Electrolytes + Glu + Lac Adapting to your needs • With flexible configurations and a throughput of up to 30 samples per hour the cobas b 123 POC system can be easily customized to the clinical needs in the ICU, ER, NICU, OR, dialysis units and of the laboratory setting Four instrument configurations: • without AutoQC and COOX • with AutoQC • with COOX • with AutoQC and COOX • The full cobas b 123 POC parameter panel includes pH, pCO2, pO2, Na+, K+, Ca2+, Cl-, Hct, Glu, Lac, tHb,...

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All support elements from Roche ensure maximum availability of your analyzers Roche ensures a smooth installation process through thorough preparation • Conduct detailed site survey • Collect IT and connectivity information • Coordinate delivery information • Determine training requirements These preparatory activities allow a timely and efficient installation and immediate operator <«^he> cobas' Life needs answers

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Elements of support /support options cobas e-services Remote expert screen sharing Depot service Remote software updates Maximizing availability On-site service Monitoring system status Hotline support Trouble shooting reports Please contact your local Roche service organization to receive information about local availability of these service elements. cobas e-support – immediate troubleshooting via remote access cobas e-services • Improved analyzer uptime by remote diagnosis and resolution of many analyzer issues • Additional operator training via remote sessions Hotline support • Trained...

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cobas b 123 POC system Product specifications Measured parameters Blood gases pH pCO2 pO2 Electrolytes Na+ K + Ca2+ Cl- Hct Metabolites Lactate Glucose CO-Oximetry (1) tHb SO2 O2Hb COHb MetHb HHb Bilirubin (total) Calculated parameters H +, cHCO3-, ctCO2(P), FO2Hb, BE, BEecf, BB, SO2(1) , P50, ctO2, ctCO2(B), pHst, cHCO3-st, PAO2, AaDO2, a/AO2, avDO2, RI, Shunt, nCa2+, AG, pHt, H +t, PCO2t, PO2t, PAO2t, AaDO2t, a/AO2t, RIt, Hct(c), MCHC, BO2, BEact, Osmolality, OER, Heart minute volume (Q t), P/F index, Lactate clearance Sample volume Parameter BG(3), Hct, Electrolytes(4), Glu, Lac, COOX...

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Sample types Whole blood, aqueous and blood-based QC solutions, and dialysis solution Calibration System calibration 1 point-calibration 2 point-calibration Interval Every 24 hours Every 60 minutes (programmable 30 or 60 minutes) Every 12 hours are programmable for 4, 8 or 12 hours Data processing Monitor Thermal printer Supported protocols Intel, Celeron M, 800 Hz Built-in color TFT-LCD 10.4 inch flat screen (touchscreen) Built-in, 111 mm width, graphical capability POCT1-A, ASTM Electrical requirements Power rating Ambient temperature Relative humidity, not condensed Power cable 100 – 240...

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Lactate in critical care and emergencies Flexibility PoC lactate monitoring ensures rapid detection of life-threatening conditions for the right decisions at the right time High lactate is a marker of severe physiological stress and risk of death. It represents the metabolic changes accompanying severe tissue stress and hypoperfusion. Contrary to long-standing belief, lactate is not only a marker of hypoxia but also serves as a metabolic signal.2 The lactate level represents a balance between generation and elimination and so should not be interpreted in isolation from oxygen status and...

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