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cobas b 221 POC system

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Confidence through performance <R^e> cobas Life needs answers

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• Reliability • Efficiency • Speed • Flexibility • Convenience

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Parameter Combinations pH / blood gas (PO2, PCO2,pH) / CO-Oximetry Electrolytes (Na+, K+, Ca2+, Cl-), hematocrit Metabolites Glu / Lac Metabolites Glu / Lac / Urea (BUN) Bilirubin Reliability • utomated QC measurements independet from calibration A solutions ensure system validity • elf-monitoring of all calibration steps S • luid pack information is automatically transmitted to the F analyzer eliminating the need for scanning barcodes • ncludes patient trend data and automated acid-base mapping I • he only blood gas analyzer in the world measuring pH pleural T fluid • lexible connectivity...

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Flexibility • ill port enhances operator safety by automatic aspiration or F manual injection of patient samples into the system • lexible, individually adjustable parameter configurations F • ser definable display U • ntuitive user interface I • icro mode allows you to measure samples with limited volume M Convenience • ero-maintenance electrodes perform 6 – 15 months (dependZ ing on parameter) and eliminate the need to refill, soak, polish or replace caps • oad-and-go smart reagents are stable for up to 42 days L • ystem automatically tracks reagent use for minimum operator S intervention...

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cobas b 221 POC system Connectivity that works Fulfilling your testing needs no matter where Main Site cobas POC IT solutions cobas IT 1000 application cobas bge link software cobas academy cobas lab analyzer series e.g.: cobas 4000 and 6000 analyzer series cobas 8000 modular analyzer COBAS INTEGRA 400 and 800 Lightcycler 2.0 Remote Site 3rd party instruments Roche POC analyzers e.g.: cobas b 123, cobas b 221, and cobas b 121 blood gas analyzers CoaguChek XS Plus system Accu-Chek Inform II system Urisys 1100 analyzer cobas h 232 POC system Roche Hotline cobas e-support cobas lab IT...

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cobas hospital POC solution Accu-Chek® Inform II system Connected blood glucose meter with wireless RF functionality cobas b 221 POC system Multiparameter blood gas, electrolyte, COOX and metabolite analyzer CoaguChek® XS Pro system Effícient, convenient and rapid PT/INR testing cobas IT 1000 application Comprehensive POC management functions cobas bge link software Remote control for POC blood gas cobas h 232 POC system Rapid determination of troponin T, NT-proBNP, D-dimer, CK-MB and myoglobin cobas academy Advanced user recertification Reflotron® Plus system 17 clinical chemistry...

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Improve your critical care testing.

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cobas b 221 POC system Product specifications Measured parameters Blood gas module Total specified range CO-oximetry module tHb-COOX Bilirubin (neonatal) Barometric pressure (Baro) Calculated parameters H+, cHCO3–, ctCO2(P), FO2Hb, BE, BEecf, BB, SO2, P50, ctO2, ctCO2(B), pHst, cHCO3-st, PAO2, AaDO2, a/AO2, avDO2, RI, Shunt, nCa2+, AG, pHt, H+t, PCO2t, PO2t, PAO2t, AaDO2t, a/AO2t, RIt, Hct(c), MCHC, BO2, BEact, Osmolality, OER, Heart minute volume (Qt), P/F Index

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Sample types Whole blood, Serum, Plasma, Dialysate, QC material Intervals, Duration System calibration Every 24 hours (programmable 8, 12 or 24 hours) Every 60 minutes (programmable 30 to 60 minutes) Every 12 hours (programmable 4, 8 or 12 hours) Power on with calibration < 43 min Data processing Industrial standard PC Monitor Built-in flat color TFT-LCD 10.4 inch screen (touchscreen) Thermal printer Built-in 111 mm, graphical capability Barcode scanner Standard accessory Electrical requirements Power rating 100 – 240 V (+6 %/ – 10 % permission to tolerance), 200 W, 50/60 Hz autoselecting...

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Because timely monitoring can reduce the risk of life-threatening diseases The cobas b 221 POC system delivers bilirubin results in 1 minute or less. Timely monitoring of critical newborns can reduce the risk of potentially life-threatening diseases and enhance neonatal care for hyperbilirubinemia. <Boche> cobas* Life needs answers

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Neonatal bilirubin testing with the cobas b 221 POC system Critical, actionable information in 60 seconds or less Kernicterus caused by severe neonatal hyperbilirubinemia: a serious condition that can lead to brain damage or death • stimates based on the US National Vital Statistics E Report (2002) project an annual caseload of more than 80,000 newborns with bilirubin levels > 20 mg/dL1 • preponderance of kernicterus cases have occurred A in infants with elevated bilirubin levels (> 20 mg/dL)1 • ontinuing reports of new cases of kernicterus raise C opportunities for enhancing treatment...

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Acid-base mapping and graphical trending on the cobas b 221 POC system Actionable information instead of diagnostic data The cobas b 221 POC system delivers bilirubin results in 1 minute or less. Accurate, graphical acid-base and parameter trending on the cobas b 221 blood gas system can help to: • ifferentiate between acute and chronic patient D conditions in complex environments such as the ER or ICU • apidly identify metabolic and respiratory acid-base R disturbances without the need for a calculator • asily distinguish between compensatory responses E and mixed acid-base disturbances •...

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Fast actionable information for directed patient care Acid-base map trending • utomatically provides a real-time, graphical representation of a A patient’s results (pH, PCO2 and standard base excess parameters) • n screen and printable – from current result or database O • elivers vital information in less than 60 seconds to help ensure D timely diagnosis and intervention for metabolic or respiratory conditions • Decision support as to success of therapy Multiparameter graphical patient trending • ecision support as to success of therapy in complex situations D • he cobas b 221 POC system...

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