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PRO series - 1

Making analysis fashionable PRO Series Refraction Units

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PRO series - 2

The PRO Series: Function meets design What are your benefits? Functionality, clean contours, and attractive design – refraction units that are perfectly matched to the devices from RODENSTOCK Instruments. See what they all have in common: Thanks to the solid steel base plate Single source Comfortable operation One provider with numerous compatible devices Proven quality meets fresh design These refraction units are the best example of how usability and elegant design work hand-in-hand. Switch the devices on/off via the touch pad Easy touch control The best solution for every room size....

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PRO series - 3

SPECIFICATIONS Fixed table tray for lightweight equipment (not for ophthalmic devices) Max. load capacity (table) Patient chair Patient chair elevation Max. load capacity (chair) Projector column height Reading light Power consumption Power supply Perfect base This compact refraction unit can be optimally extended. Choose the appropriate phoropter head and phoropter arm, or complement your PRO 80 with a trial lens cabinet or control board stand. Whether you’re equipping a pre-testing room, a second room for refraction, or a room for paediatric medicine, the PRO 80 refraction unit suits for...

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PRO series - 4

Max. load capacity (table) Patient chair Patient chair elevation Max. load capacity (chair) Projector column height Internal light This refraction unit is designed for the demands and expectations of customers who want to maintain a balance between space and connectivity without missing out on an attractive design. Reading light Attractive combination Rotating 90°, laterally movable, for 2 devices Table lock For convenient daily use: the PRO 500 refraction unit features a practical, modern, and ergonomic design. It offers a wide range of functionalities and fulfils all requirements for...

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PRO series - 5

High-end solution Thanks to the preinstalled connectors and potentiometer, equipment from RODENSTOCK Instruments is easy to install on the refraction unit. This extends the scope of the diagnostic tests you can perform. The tabletop’s safety sensor system protects the customer from unexpected contacts with the table. Rotates 90°, laterally movable, for 2 devices Table height adjustment If you are looking for a refraction unit that meets all your needs, the PRO 1000 / EVO is the right choice. With the internal LED light you may even illuminate the base plate with bright colours – matching...

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PRO series - 6

Optional equipment Take a look at the supplementary products in detail. For technical data, please contact us. is a reclinable stand-alone chair on a stable base plate. The ergonomic foot switch for motorized height adjustment can be placed based on your customer’s needs. PC-1 can be used to replace seats in existing refraction units. handles very dynamically and extends as needed. The up and down buttons on the handlebar adjust the height of the patient chair. The RTC 1000 Trial Lens Cabinet comes with four drawers: The first is equipped with an inlay for placing trial lenses. Height 75.5...

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