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Welcome to Rothband When it comes to X-ray protection, Rothband is the name you can trust. With over 100 years experience manufacturing X-ray garments, you can be confident that when you choose us, you are choosing the very best. All Rothband protective garments are designed and manufactured in the UK, to the very highest standards, using the highest quality materials and thus producing some of the most durable products on the market. Over the years, we have expanded our portfolio to include a whole range of products that are essential to any imaging department. We have compiled all these...

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From our humble beginnings in the Manchester home of “W.S." himself, Rothband has stood the test of time and the name “Rothband" is now synonymous with the best in quality, comfort, innovation and value for money radiology shielding. The company began by making medical rubber products, mattresses for hospitals and asylums up and down the UK. In 1911, as X-ray became recognised as a routine method of diagnosis. Colonel Rothband’s cousin (a chemist) approached him with an idea to add lead powder to the rubber mix. The result, was the production of an X-ray cloth and the initial test X-ray is...

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Rothband Protection Catalogue - 7

Welcome to the latest edition of the Rothband Catalogue. This edition of the catalogue represents a new beginning for Rothband, as in 2015, the company was acquired by an ex-employee (and ex-radiographer), and for the first time since 1860, it has left the Rothband family. Personal Protection Eye Protection Procedural Accessories By making this move, we are taking a step in the right direction to become a more environmentally friendly company, which is in line with our new goals. Patient Protection In addition, for the first time we have opted not to include prices on the page. Instead, we...

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Rothband Protection Catalogue - 8

Edge Bilayer Light Weight No LeadLead Our Light-Weight lead option is perhaps our most popular core material as it balances a high level of protection with weight and cost. Our lead free option is a more environmentally friendly option to radiation protection. The Antimony and Bismuth mix, offers the same level protection as lead at upper energy levels. This option is approx 10% lighter than its light-weight lead counterpart. Edge Bilayer, is an all new innovation in radiation protection core material, the combination of two powerful, lead free, radiation blocking materials into a single...

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Rothband Protection Catalogue - 9

Edge Bilayer methodology is the single biggest advancement in flexible radiation protection materials for medical environments for more than a generation. Main Beam Transmission keV Spectrum at 100kV Comparison of the Attenuating Properties Area of Concen - Absorbed Dose Main Beam Lead Antimony Barium Photon Count The technical advantages of the bilayer approach in terms of safety, weight and comfort, enable protective aprons, skirts and accessories to provide up to 20 per cent reduction in absorbed dose than competitors’ Lead composite materials and 40% better performance .Than Lead-free...

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Rothband Protection Catalogue - 10

Covering Materials Solid: Wipeable, Easy Clean Materials. PVC or PU coated. Personal Protection Swatches Available on request: Swatches Available on request For pricing, visit

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Covering Materials Patterns: Wipeable , Easy Clean Materials. PVC or PU coated. New patterns being added all the time, please see the website for the latest designs. Please note, patterned material have a nylon material inside. MRSA, & BACTERIA RESISTANT cover. Steritouch™ Coated. MRSA & E.Coli safe1 Anti-microbial additive2. 1. 99.994% & 99.999% “kill rate” respectively. 2. Also effective against listeria monocytogenes, salmonella enteritidis, pseudomonas aeruginosa & aspergillus niger. Personal Protection See Website for new pattern updates For pricing, visit

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Rothband Protection Catalogue - 12

Covering Materials Nylons - Durable Personal Protection Nylons look great and are very durable, but the porous nature makes them better suited as an inner material. Edging Materials Edging materials come in a range of colours. Unless specified, we will choose the one that best matches the apron. For pricing, visit 12

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Rothband Protection Catalogue - 13

Fastening Options WEIGHT ADJUSTER BELT: WBW (5 sizes) These easy to fasten, quick to release clips are now a more popular alternative to toggles. N.B. STANDARD if no fastenings are specified Simple Easy to fasten Maintenance free Distributes weight from shoulders to hips Ensures a good secure side closure Designed not to snag clothing. Elasticated for extra comfort ! Personal Protection Redistributes weight from the shoulders to the waist/hip area Also gives excellent support to the lumbar region. Easily adjustable with 2 levels of support Can be factory–fitted to apron. For pricing, visit...

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Female Sizing Guide For pricing, visit 14

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Rothband Protection Catalogue - 15

Male Sizing Guide Personal Protection For pricing, visit - Tel: + 44 (0) 1706 830086 - Fax: + 44 (0) 1706 830324 -

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Rothband Protection Catalogue - 16

Find What You Need Look Up the Price Online Browse through the catalogue, or search online to find the product you are looking for. Our new, simple to use coding system allows you to easily find a products price online. There are even more products on our new, easy to use website. Simply type the product name or order code into the search bar. You may want to get in touch and speak with one of our fully trained customer service representatives. Send a live chat request, if you would like some help. We also have a field team who would be more than happy to come out and visit you to discuss...

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Rothband Protection Catalogue - 17

Personal Protection Shoulder Clip One of our most popular designs and an original Rothband innovation. Simple to put on/off Higher neck line provides better sternum protection. Open sides allow access to pockets and better ventilation. Easily adjusts to a variety of body shapes.

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Rothband Protection Catalogue - 18

Personal Protection Theatre Style A great design for those who may need to remove the apron whilst their hands are full, or sterile. Two shoulder clip design, allows the apron to completely separate into two halves. Easy to release from under sterile gowns, allowing the surgeon to remove the apron post x-ray.

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