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Endoscopy Devices The visible difference in endoscopy

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ADVANCED FULL HD ENDOSCOPY CAMERA HIGH END 4K ENDOSCOPY CAMERA SYSTEM  High performance + Native full HD imaging (resolution 1920 x 1080)  Video and / or image capturing via USB (Full HD)  Video algorithms – with picture out of picture mode (POP) + Color shift spectral colors can be shifted and exchanged in order to enhance the visibility of vessels and tissue structures + Selective color enhancement (SCE) – for a much-improved rendition of the vessels and the tissue structure (3) + Smoke reduction - for a better view during dissection technologies (e.g. HF-Surgery) (2) + Grid removal –...

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Endoscopy Devices - 3

LIGHT SOURCE 200 LED IM500-700  Lifespan of the illuminant > 20.000h  Low power consumption  Manual light control with IM500-101 camera through MIS-Bus interface  LCD display showing luminance level and status information  Very silent device only producing 25 dB (typical) of noise, virtually inaudible  Multi light guide adapter compatible to RUDOLF, Storz, R. Wolf and Olympus lightguides LIGHT SOURCE 300 LED IM500-730  Outstanding light quality with CRI > 90 for best colour rendering  Light output comparable to “300 W Xenon”  Lifespan of the illuminant > 30.000h  Low power...

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MVR Pro HD VIDEO RECORDER IM601-002  Integrated color touch screen  Captures HD video and still images from medical video sources on external USB storage medium  Internal memory 128 GB (optional)  Exports video and images to the hospital information system in DICOM format (optional) MULTI INDICATION PUMP IM600-600  One device – four different applications + Laparoscopy + Arthroscopy + Hysteroscopy + Urology  Safety features for flow and pressure control  Color touch screen  Balancing in- and outflow (TUR syndrome)  Tube sets protected by RFID MEDICAL DISPLAYS Comprehensive portfolio...

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RUDOLF Medical GmbH + Co. KG, represented worldwide, translates its belief in lasting values by fostering close customer relationships and offering innovative high technology products, hand instruments, rigid endoscopes as well as efficient services for numerous surgical disciplines. RUDOLF Medical GmbH + Co. KG Zollerstr. 1, 78567 Fridingen, Germany Tel. +49 7463 9956-0 sales@rudolf-med.com www.rudolf-med.com

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