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Precise Impactor The 68099Ⅱ Precise Impactor is an instrument used for traumatic brain injury model. The system adopts pneumatic-electric control, which can precisely adjust the speed, depth and dwell time to achieve precise impact. Touch screen design, convenient and friendly operation. The zero method uses a sensor contact mechanism to automatically detect the zero interface, which is sensitive and efficient. Rotational Adaptor Precise Rotational Adaptor Head hammers Two kinds of brain adaptors for rats and mice are optional. The rotational adaptor can rotate left and right ±30°, the height adjustment range of +10~-20mm, and the precise rotational adaptor can rotate left and right ±30°, swing up and down ±10°, three-axis displacement 30mm; The base is movable, 0~116mm in X direction and 0~98mm in Y d

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Pneumatic-electric design, stable blow without shaking, to ensure the repeatability of the experiment; It is suitable for small animal brain injury models such as mice, rats, and guinea pigs; LCD touch screen, wide-angle visibility, convenient and friendly operation; Sound alarms and text message prompts improve the human-computer interaction between the equipment and the user, and reduce human errors in the operation process; The zero-contact method can automatically determine the zero interface to reduce human error; A variety of cylindrical flat-head head hammers with outer diameters of...

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